L&I Washington; what are the benefits that you are offered?

L&I Washington

As a worker, there are chances of injuries that one may face. This can cost them a week, or more while watching medical bills pile up. The Washington State department offers l&i benefits for the workers ensuring that the safety standards are maintained. L&I, standing for The Washington State Department of labor and industries, offers several options of ease to an injured worker. These include medical treatment costs, wage replacement, PPD (permanent partial disability) among others. 

It can be a hard job calculating the worker’s compensation value, or L&I claim. Nevertheless, if your claim is approved by L&I, you get several benefits that can be availed. Do you want to know the benefits of L&I Washington? Here are the most important benefits that you need to know about. 

L&I benefits

L&I offers benefits to workers who need it, and here are some of the major benefits that you get. 

1. Necessary and proper medical care

The workers’ compensation covers all the medical costs including the doctor’s costs, hospital costs, surgery costs, and other such medical costs of the disease or injury. If your claim is allowed the medical expenses and bills are covered by the compensation if the expenses relate to the work injury. It covers rehabilitation problems like limited massage therapy, physical therapy, and chiropractic. 

2. Wage replacement; time-loss compensation 

The most difficult thing about getting hurt while on your job is that you must miss out on work as you take your days off. L&I benefits give you financial compensation for the replacement of the wage. This is known as time-loss compensation. It covers around 60-75% of the pre-injury wage, to as much as Washington’s weekly benefit. This is dependent on the date-of-injury wages of the job, your number of children, marital status, and some other factors. 

3. LEP- loss of earning power benefits. 

This type of compensation is for those workers who have lost some wages because of their injury, as they are only able to work part-time, or at a lower wage than they were working at before the injury. If the doctor allows the worker a light-duty job, this type of compensation can come to your benefit. LEP benefits are often not used to their best. If you need this compensation and are unaware of the benefits, consult a worker’s comp lawyer. 

4. Permanent total disability pensions payments 

Lifetime pensions are given to workers who are unable to return to their employment because of any injury on the job or any occupational condition. If your injuries, age, education, or work history, or any pre-existing condition result in your inability to get back to work, you may be entitled to this compensation with the L&I claim. 

5. Widow and dependent benefits 

If any of the workers die because of an accident at work, the L&I offers proper benefits for the family of the deceased. This includes burial benefits. If the worker leaves behind a widow, or children under 18 years, or such dependents, the benefits of pension can be given.   Since you know about the benefits that you can get in case of an injury at the workplace, make sure that you consult a lawyer to get things easy for you!

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