Must-Know These 5 Features of Health Insurance in India

Health Insurance in India

Whenever your friends and family would suggest something new to you or vice versa, you would try to make it sound as alluring as possible. It is no different when it comes to suggesting the best health insurance plan. Your loved ones may even go to the extent of jotting down the benefits on a piece of paper. However, it is vital to get to the root of something before you take the high road.

Moreover, with health insurance companies offering different plans, you cannot simply cut to the chase without doing research. Thus, it is extremely beneficial to know each plan’s benefits and its terms and conditions.

Plus, there are some formulated features of health insurance plans like the following that not everyone knows:

Insurers Provide Coverage for Alternative Treatments

IRDAI had postulated regulations in the year 2013 that clearly states that there is a provision where health insurance plans can cover many alternative treatments such as Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and others. Thus, the coverage is not only restricted to allopathic medicine. Previously, it was not implemented on a vast scale, but now it is taking precedence.

When you look for a health insurance plan, there is usually a column that says you can opt for alternative medicine. It will help you in the long run if you choose it.

Medical Checkups for Free

Many health insurance providers have the provision of a free medical check-up.  Generally, this plan is offered to policyholders who have been associated with the organization for a longer-term. The insurer may offer a free health check-up once every three or four years.

Sometimes, the insurer allows coverage up to a certain amount. But you can pay the outstanding amount and still redeem claim on the free medical check-up. And the advantage of this process is that the outstanding amount you will pay is also eligible for a tax benefit.

Post and Pre-Hospitalization Expenses

When it comes to family, you do not want to compromise with the quality of healthcare. There are usually two types of expenses-pre and post-hospitalization charges. The expenditure which you may incur before getting hospitalized is termed as pre-hospitalization expenses. A medical practitioner may ask you to go through various treatments for surgeries such as blood tests, urine tests and others. These come under pre-hospitalization expenses which get coverage amid 30 and 90 days before hospitalization.

Once the treatment is over and you are discharged, you may have to revisit the hospital for a routine check-up or a follow-up session. The expenditure incurred for these are considered as post-hospitalization charges.

But to claim either of the expenses, you will need to submit a hospital bill certificate or a summary of the discharge. Otherwise, the claim request will not be processed.

Domiciliary Treatment Coverage

In some unexpected scenarios, the decision of where a person should get admitted is subjected to the hospital room’s availability. And this benefit is available for a stipulated amount of time. Many insurance providers provide cover for maximum days of domiciliary treatment.

One of the comforting things about getting treatment at home is that you feel a sense of belonging and might even recover faster than on a hospital bed.

Maternity Expenses Coverage

Numerous health insurance providers cover all the charges for all kinds of complications related to pregnancy, labour pains and C-section deliveries.  Insurers may cover the hospitalization charges that include the room rent, nurse and surgeon charges and emergency ambulance charges. Generally, the hospitalization expenses will be covered for up to 30 days before delivery and 60 days post-delivery.

They may also offer an additional benefit for the new-born baby. Like, the baby will be covered for the first three months. Many other features make health insurance policies a must-have. It will be beneficial to research and choose a suitable plan. Otherwise, you can opt for reliable insurance companies like Tata AIG. They offer plans that suit individual needs. You can visit their website, go through the available health insurance plans and read their policy wordings in detail.

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