A Few Ideas for Small Room Crystal Chandelier

Crystal Chandelier

You can make a great impact on your design of a small room by using few special crystal chandelier lights ideas. The first rule that you must follow is to take all the advantages of natural light and then play it up. Try to keep your room as much airy as possible. 

You must remember that by using the right crystal chandelier ideas and Sofary chandelier lights, you can change the overall look of your room. The following are a few lighting ideas that may appeal to you.

1. Choose a chandelier as per the room size

Make sure that the chandelier that you will select for the room is neither too big and nor too small as compared to your room size. Many schools of thought are available for chandelier sizing, but any expert will prefer to use a certain mathematical formula to find the ideal size of chandelier.

2. Complement the color palette and materials of the space

Select such a chandelier that should look like a style extension of that particular room otherwise your crystal chandeliers may look totally out of place in your small room.

While looking for a chandelier, consider the materials and hues that stand out in your room.

3. Put a chandelier in a certain unexpected location

Generally, chandeliers may look great in dining rooms, bedrooms, and entryways but they may appear fresh and inventive if you try to hang them in a certain non-traditional space.

Perhaps your kitchen may need some extra amount of lighting, and your chandelier light could do the necessary trick.

4. Hang your chandelier correctly

Based on where you will place your chandelier, you must follow a few guidelines. While hanging a chandelier just above your dining room table, generally experts agree that it must be hanged 30”- 36” above the table.

A simple rule to follow — the taller your ceiling, the taller will be the chandelier.

5. Be thoughtful about the location of the chandelier

With your choice of placement, you will end up communicating whether you are a traditionalist or you have a penchant for certain unconventional décor. In case, you love a classic look and make sure that the rest of the space should also reflect the same choice.

6. Make your chandelier a focal point

Your chandeliers will work beautifully if you use it as your center of attention, particularly if your chandelier happens to be particularly ornate or has vibrant colors. Try to forgo in your space, any attention-grabbing furniture or any décor items so that chandelier remains under the spotlight.

7. Your décor piece must complement the chandelier

If your chandelier light features any distressed or vintage-inspired wood, then you must bring in such dining chairs that should mimic that same wood. In case your chandelier is brass, or weave in brass touches, then go for candlesticks, decorative objects, or any picture frames with brass features.

There can be many solutions for small room lighting solutions for making your space illuminating. However, everything depends on your personal taste and what look you like to achieve.

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