How To Stream Instagram Posts On Digital Signage

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I guess you are wondering how to stream Instagram posts on digital signage screens or TV? Hola! Here in this blog, I will tell you about some amazing and popular tools available in the market you can use to stream Instagram feeds on your website.

But why Instagram posts? With more than 2.6 billion people as active Instagram users, there are enormous opportunities for brands, marketers, or organizations to increase their audience engagement.

Instagram is an endless ocean of creative content that comprises images, videos, reels, IGTV videos, stories, hashtag posts, etc.

Whatever your audience engagement strategies are, Instagram content fits for all and serves your more than a hundred results with exceptional return-on-investment.

How to stream Instagram posts on TV? Are there any tools or applications that will help you to do so? Yes, there are some effective tools available in the market that you can hire to solve your Instagram streaming purposes.

Find these below-given tools to stream Instagram on any shape and size of digital signage and anywhere.

Taggbox Display

Taggbox Display is an all-in-one solution for your digital signage needs. You can collect, curate, create and display different amazing content on digital signage screens.

It is a UGC platform that allows you to collect user-generated content or social media posts from a diverse range of social media channels. 

With Taggbox Display, you can stream Instagram posts creatively with a single click feature on any signage screen.

You can collect Instagram feeds from hashtags, mentions, handles, tags, and stories from your Instagram business account.

Taggbox Display offers functionality to customize Instagram posts using themes, layout styles, background, add banner, and size of images.

With that, you also get the feature to create a custom post, sponsored post, and moderation to remove any inappropriate posts that hamper your content quality.

When you are ready with customization and moderation with your Instagram content, you can stream on digital signage or TV with a click on the Display button.


DisplayMonkey is a digital signage software with an easily accessible interface, allowing you to manage and create content to display on digital signage.

This is a cloud-based solution for digital signage with open source and various features users can operate from different platforms.

It is a free tool to stream content over digital signage. You will get full access to customization features to beautify your Instagram content.

Some of the features of DisplayMonkey include SQL Reporting Services, SQL Reporting, API access, multiple users access, and geo-tagging.

Not only this, you can manage your digital signage content effectively and easily through the dashboard of DisplayMonkey


Xibo is an intelligible, manageable, and cost-effective solution for content management for digital signages.

Xibo is a popular tool among brands and organizations looking for digital signage solutions.

 It offers an easy content management solution along with beautiful layout designs and widgets to stream content effectively and  grabs the audience’s attention.

You will get complete control over your content with scheduling and display on any device and screen size.

In case you are troubling with displaying content over your digital signage screen, you can reach to Xibo customer support dashboard.

Their support team is always available to help their clients and instantly provide solutions their clients are troubling with. This is the best part of availing digital signage services with Xibo besides painless content management solutions.


Another powerful player in the digital signage industry is ScreenCloud. It offers an Instagram App to collect and create Instagram on your own step-by-step through its platform.

You can create scrolling Instagram posts for your digital signage with images and videos from your Instagram account or other users.

With that, it offers you insights and content updates automatically on your digital signage screen. You can easily create and customize Instagram content into the layout that perfectly fits your digital signage screens.

ScreenCloud offers various features and functionalities to collect images from Instagram, connect links, upload content, and customize them into the best layouts and designs.   


Yodeck is another effective digital signage solution for brands and organizations who are looking to manage their content over the phone.

With this tool, you can collect content in different forms such as images, videos, data, analytics, and customize content that you want to display on signage.

You can manage your content and create playlists to run on your digital signage screen.

In case you want to add users to your Yodeck account, it offers pre-configured plugs that allow users to connect on the same platform. 

Automatic content updates, custom widgets, simplified dashboards, and remote content management are some of the prime features of this platform.

Wrapping Up!

With these tools, you can easily stream Instagram posts on your TV screen and manage content in the way you want.

How amazing your digital signage will look with beautiful images from Instagram users. Many organizations have noticed higher audience engagement after implementing social media content into their digital signage screen.

So now, you can also design your digital signage with beautiful Instagram feeds and engross your audience while they are walking through the street.

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