Key Factors for Impactful Web Design

Web Design

The digital age led the people online with websites and social media accounts established for personal use. This influx towards the internet meant that customers who once enjoyed shopping and transacting business outside are now spending much of their time surfing the net. Leading brands have recognized this and are establishing their presence online.

Websites communicate what the owner offers and those controlled by companies are no different. Your site will have to meet the customers’ standards and expectations. Having a functional website is not enough; it needs to be eye-catching, engaging, interactive, and user-friendly.

The website is an extension of your company and can either make or break a deal so you’ll have to make your site as responsive and dynamic as it can be in order for it  to resonate well with your customers.

Designing a website can be tough, but there are tips to make your site impactful.

First impressions last and a bland website isn’t eye-catching, so you’ll need an intentional and balanced color palette based on your company logo. Colors are one of the first things the eye perceives, and its presence catches a user’s attention. Too much though and it’ll be distracting and repel potential customers.

Websites tend to take up too much space that it strains the eye. Insert white spaces so that your reader can take a break and absorb whatever information is present in your pages.

Call-to-action buttons allow a user to interact with your message as they’re prompted to click on buttons. Examples of these are “Read More,” “Download Here,” or “Buy Now.”

Including pleasing images portraying the company spaces and the employees are perfect for interacting with your customers, allowing them to relate and trust your company.

It is essential to ease the navigation of your website’s pages so that your customers won’t get confused and get lost trying to find a specific page they’re looking for.

One last essential thing is to optimize your website for mobile phones since many users access the net through smartphones. There are chances that visitors will look for other sites when your’s is not smartphone-friendly.

For more information regarding these tips, see Baunfire’sinfographic here.

Web Design

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