Involved in a Car Accident? Should You Settle the Matter out of Court or Should You Go for Trial?

Car Accident

When involved in a personal injury case like a car accident, you have two options: settle the case out of court or file a case and wait for judgment to be served. Both these options have their merits and demerits, and ultimately, it depends on what you would do. Today, we will discuss what to expect in each case.

Speed matters a lot

When settling a case outside the court or going to trial, the most significant difference is how the matter will be resolved. We all know that paying a case outside always takes less time than when you file the case in a court of law. This is because, in the former, you are settling the case with the other party directly, while in the latter, you have to wait for the judge to deliver the verdict. You don’t know for how many days the case will go on. It would help to consider this factor when deciding what to do. 

Consider the cost involved

Regarding personal injury cases, you need to consider the cost involved. Settling a case outside is always cheaper than going on trial. Most of the well-known lawyers charge a hefty sum for the services rendered. If you have the budget and time, you can opt for a trial; otherwise, settling the case outside is much better.

Predictability of the outcome

Are you sure that you will win the case? If you are confident, then filing the case is better, but if you are dicey and the judgment can go any way, you should settle the case outside. Get in touch with the other party and propose an out-of-court settlement. If the opposite party agrees well and is good, but if he does not, you have no option but to go for trial.

Take your privacy into consideration

When you go to trial, be prepared that the car accident lawyer San Diego will ask you all sorts of questions. It would help if you had the necessary answers with you. There is a high chance that your reputation and privacy will be at risk. Are you willing to put your reputation at stake? Settling the matter outside the court means the matter will be between you and the other party. No other person will get to know anything about the case. Your privacy and reputation will remain intact.

Ability to appeal

When you file the case, you can appeal in the court of law, whereas you don’t get this option when you settle the case out of court. If you know the opposite party is guilty and have enough evidence to prove the same, you should always opt for a trial. 

Summing it up

Consider all the essential factors mentioned above so that you can easily decide whether to file the case or settle it outside the court. If you cannot decide, we recommend that you consult the lawyer and discuss the matter with him. Mention all your points and concerns and ask the lawyer to suggest what you should do.

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