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What is it that takes a little known YouTube channel and turns it into an internet sensation that starts to rack up followers? In many cases, there is skill involved, or perhaps natural talent or incredible good looks. What can you do if you don’t have any of those to offer? What do you do if you want your YouTube channel to grow but you are not naturally blessed with attributes that make it easy to gain tons of followers and earn plenty of views?

You will have to get creative, and we have some suggestions that can be used by most types of channels, no matter what your content is.

Use Attention-Grabbing Titles

If people are not familiar with your channel, there are two factors that will usually make them click on your video out of a list of similar videos- the titles and thumbnails. If your titles are catchy, provocative, or interesting, they can get clicks easily. If your titles are bland or just full of keywords, they may not get many clicks. You need to figure out a way to title your videos that still gets the key concept across while attracting viewers.

So, if you have a video about unboxing a new iPhone, you could stand out by creating suspense and grabbing attention. Titling the video “iPhone Unboxing” won’t make it more appealing than any other video on the same topic. If you go with “I Never Expected This When I Unboxed the new iPhone”, then you might be able to get people to notice your video. Think of inventive and interesting ways to name your video that will get people to take a second look and that might get them to make that all-important click.   

Create How-To Videos

No matter what your channel is about, you can always appeal to people who need to know how to do something. You might be surprised at how helpful a video can be in any area you have experience, even in basic tasks. Some of the most watched videos on YouTube are tutorial videos, since many people use the site almost exclusively to learn how to do something. You can get views from all across Google with how-to videos, competing with major sites that offer blogs on the same topic. Google will prioritize videos from YouTube over blogs, so you can more easily stand out with this kind of content.

Do Interviews

It can help to get outside of your comfort zone and try new things. If people are interested in the kind of content you create, then they might be interested in seeing interviews with people who also work in that industry. You don’t always have to get a famous person to interview for people to watch your video. If you can say something interesting about your interview subject in the title of the video, then you may be able to get people to click on it even though they don’t know that person. Remember what we said about making interesting, eye-catching titles? You will want to keep that thought in mind no matter what kind of videos you are creating.   

Spruce Up Your Shooting Location

Where you shoot your YouTube videos is very important, and you want to ensure that the location is attractive. Try to keep it clean and organized and think of fun ways you can decorate the area that viewers will see. Even if you shoot in your bedroom, you have to think of the space the camera sees as a set. Consider how the set is dressed and lit and how attractive it might be for viewers who are tuning in to your videos.

A quick way to make your videos more appealing is to do a thorough cleaning in the room you shoot in. Don’t just let anyone do the cleaning, though. You want someone who is experienced and who can clean everything from the ceiling to the walls and tiles. A top tile cleaning executed by Imagine can make your shooting space look amazing, cleaning in between tiles and getting rid of stains and dust. If your shooting space really shines, then your videos will shine a bit more too. You will be able to make more attractive thumbnails and not feel self-conscious about how your space looks.  

Encourage Participation

The typical way that YouTubers will try to get their viewers to participate is by asking them to “comment down below”. That’s fine, but viewers have heard that phrase so often that it doesn’t have any effect on them. They have programmed themselves to ignore it.

If you want to get their attention and their participation, then you can use more interesting methods. You can challenge them to do something or ask them to answer specific questions. If your video was about the best hiking trails, then you can ask them to tell you what their favorite hiking trail was.

If you get more participation, then you will get more subscribers, more referrals, and more clicks, in theory. Getting your viewers engaged will often convince them that they need to tell others about the video, share it, and talk to their friends about what they thought of the video.

Think of different ways you can encourage your viewers to interact with you, spread the word about your channel, and rate your video well. All of these actions help you find more viewers and pick up more subscribers.  

It takes a lot of work to grow a YouTube channel. If you are going to see significant gains in subscribers and viewers, then you need to do more than just pump out one great video after another. Pay attention to the tiles of your videos, the kinds of thumbnails you use, and how clean your shooting area is. Consider the methods we have provided for you here and see if you can implement some of them to help your channel grow. Most of all, be patient and don’t sacrifice on quality. You will get there eventually.

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