Top 12 Instagram Marketing Tips for Explosive Growth in 2020

Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram for business has, in recent years, emerged as a powerful tool for marketing professionals looking to drive brand recognition and sales. In fact, seventy-five percent of marketing professionals are determined to make full use of Instagram’s nearly 849 million strong advertisement users to sell their products by the end of the year. While you can always pay for Instagram followers with a service like , there are also other things that you can do to become more visible on Instagram.

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Switching to a business account

A business account offers various benefits for marketing purposes that are simply not present with a personal profile. They are Instagram ads, Insights, Shopping, and Contact info along with a call to action button on the profile.

Set realistic and well-defined goals

Knowing what you want to achieve via Instagram marketing is crucial for your success. That’s because you can personalize your strategy based on whether you want to become an industry leader, educate your audience, increase brand awareness, or just make sales.

Know your audience inside out

Another crucial element that you need to incorporate in your Instagram marketing is considering who your target audience is. Where do they live? What do they like? What is their average age?

Questions like this will enable you to perfectly tailor your marketing campaign on Instagram through ads and posts.

Customize your profile

You have about 150 characters to convey who you are to your audience. If you feel this is not enough, don’t worry, as you also have a bunch of other places where you can elaborate. For instance, you can add an impactful name and username of 30 characters each.

Alongside this, you may mention what category your business belongs to and where to find you through a URL and a call to action. A vital aspect of the page is also a clear photo containing your logo.

Use hashtags to your advantage

Although you can use up to 30 hashtags per post, it is advisable to use between five to nine for maximum visibility and discoverability. This is because the overuse of hashtags can come across as spamming. Make the hashtags specific and relevant, and keep away from hashtags such as #like4like or #followme that turns people off.

Write powerful captions

The most effective captions are the ones that are relevant, compelling, on-brand, informative, and entertaining. Since only the first two lines of your caption appear in the audiences’ news feed without them having to tap on ‘more,’ it makes sense to put the most essential info in those two lines. We recommend going with 125 characters for ads on Instagram and around 150 characters for organic posts.

Employ Instagram Stories Highlights and Covers to enhance your bio

Since your Instagram Story disappears after twenty-four hours, you can use Stories Highlights to make them stay on your profile. Notably, you can put them in albums with custom covers for each of them. This way, new customers can benefit from the old information and promotional material that you had posted.

Dominate the Instagram story space

Every day, thousands of businesses use Stories features to promote their business. They are getting phenomenal results from the marketing strategy, as a third of the most viewed stories are posted by companies. One of the reasons for this success is that viewers find it to be more authentic than an Instagram feed that is curated.

Here are some tips to tell a relatable and engaging Instagram Story that leads to conversions.

  • Have a coherent message or a story that resonates with your audience personally.
  • Make it interactive by using polls and questions directed at your audience.
  • Have a call to action that compels the viewers to swipe up to the external link in your story.

Deliver engaging content

Doing things other than posting content on Instagram, such as responding to user comments, interacting with other large profiles in your niche, sharing posts you are tagged in, sharing your audiences’ posts in your story or feed, etc. can go a long way in making your Instagram marketing efforts successful. The key is to make your profile as visible as possible.

Use Instagram Shopping to your advantage

With your business profile, you can access Instagram Shopping if you sell products and wish to up your conversion rates via Instagram posts and stories. It is relatively easy to set up shop on Instagram; just follow this official guide. You will not regret it, as there are around 130 million taps on shopping posts each month.

Use Instagram ads to increase the number of followers

Instagram Marketing Tips

Running an ad on Instagram can be one of the best ways to get more eyes on your content, just like two million other businesses. Marketers have found this to be a potent tool, as 96 percent of US-based marketing professionals plan to continue using the Stories feature to boost sales. Using the ads feature, you can target an audience based on:

  • Behavior on and off Instagram
  • Characteristics like age, gender, and language
  • Area
  • Interests

A quicker way to gain more followers is using a service like Leoboost , which guarantees you lots of real followers to boost your visibility. Moreover, you can collaborate with an influencer to enhance brand visibility.


No matter what strategy you use, ensure that it is data-driven, and you are continually monitoring analytics. Using Instagram Insights for the same is the sure-shot way to determine if your tactics are working, and if not, you can gauge where they are lacking. Getting a grip on your performance and consistently improving your engagement can go a long way in boosting your revenue.

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