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While a hostile work environment is a horrible thing, not being able to find peace at home is far worse. You see, being under pressure is not that big of a problem. After all, humans are designed to perform under pressure. What makes the situation unbearable is the scenario in which you have no exhaust vent, no safe haven where you can recharge your batteries when you feel trapped in the corner.

So, what you need to do is ensure that your home is a place where you can find peace. Naturally, this often has a lot to do with personal relationships with your partner, roommate, and family members, but there are a few design tricks that can make a difference. Let’s check it out!

Make a Nook

One of the things you can do to reclaim more of your home is to make a reading nook in your living room. Why is this important? Well, first of all, it represents a symbolic shift towards a more You-centered household. Think of the traditional living room and its layout. It’s more than clear that it’s designed for entertaining guests and family gatherings. A nook, on the other hand, is something more intimate and an area that’s clearly designed for a single person.

Now, this nook can be somewhere in the corner, ideally next to a window. You can have an armchair or improvised seating. A lighting fixture and a shelf are recommended if you intend to turn it into a reading nook. Keep in mind, however, that a nook can also be used for meditation, stretching, etc. The key thing is that you have a clear objective and outfit it with that objective in mind. Check out our new custom Garage Door Fixer. With this tool you can build the garage door of your dreams!

Audio Isolation

Soundproofing your home will make a world of difference when it comes to your ability to relax and rest. What you want to achieve are two things. First, you want to block outside noises from penetrating your home. This will give you the impression of safety and make your voluntary isolation (retreat) much more efficient. Second, you want to make sure that the noises from inside of your home are muzzled and inaudible to the outside world. This gives you more privacy.

There are several ways to achieve this, and you have to start with quality doors and windows. Walls are what they are, but you can invest in some audio panels to further increase the efficiency.

You would be surprised at just how big of a difference this can make. In fact, this is so worth it that you might even want to consider it as an objective of your next home improvement project. Start with a budget and look for available construction loans for home additions. Funding is a major bottleneck of any home improvement project.

Opening up the Space

Another important aspect of your home’s design is definitely the perception of its size. A room that’s too small may seem too claustrophobic. This is especially the case when it comes to the height of the room. In a practical sense, a higher room is just more expensive to heat up, but from a psychological standpoint, it affects your perception of freedom and maneuvering space.

There are a lot of ways to make your room appear higher. For instance, you can pick a tad lower furniture, pick colder/fresher nuances to make the place visually expand, and even pick vertical stripes to expand the room.

Aside from this, you might want to orient the room towards your largest window as a focal point. This will make the place seem like it’s merely a continuation of the outdoor area. You get the visual stimulus of nature inside of your home without sacrificing any security perks of being indoor.

Work on Other Stimuli

In order to make your home feel more welcoming, you might want to find a way to stimulate all of your senses at once. There are so many ways to achieve this and so many tools to help you out. For instance, you can use a humidifier to control the atmosphere in the room. You can use an AC unit or a heating source to set the temperature, etc.

Keep in mind that keeping your home quiet takes more than just soundproofing the area (something we’ve already discussed). You can also install a great audio system, while some even invest in white noise machines.

Overall, the key thing is to find just the right measure of every stimulus for your own taste. Also, remember that you’re not living there alone. Asking other residents for their opinions is always a sound move. While a great stereo system would be amazing, it’s also a good idea to get a wireless neckband to restrict this soundtrack to yourself.

You also want the place to smell nice (and fresh), which depends on your ventilation, as well as your use of various scented elements.

Specialize Each Room

One thing you might want to consider is segmenting your home in a way that will make each room autonomous and serve a specific function.

The best example of this idea would be to separate your home office from your bedroom (which is a trend that a lot of people follow). First of all, it will make it harder to get home office tax deductions, seeing as how a home office needs to be standalone in order for you to reap these benefits. Second, it’s hard to relax in a room where you spend the majority of your day working (which means that you also associate it with working).

There are a lot of those who advocate that you need to limit technology in your home, but this isn’t necessarily the best of ideas. Instead, you might want to split your home into high-tech and low-tech areas (potentially even a no-tech zone). This way, you gain quite a bit without sacrificing anything.

In Conclusion

In the end, happiness and peace in your home depend on more than just design trends. However, these are the elements that you directly control and have the power to change in a matter of weeks. Make a plan, do a budget, and start introducing some changes. It will make a greater difference than you expect.

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