7 Designer Tricks to Make Your Home Cozier

Home Cozier

There is something magical in waking up in a home that is warm and inviting. It makes you feel like getting a hug every time you come back from work or an outing. A detail here and there or some bigger change to décor can greatly affect how you perceive your living space. If you are looking for a change, here are some designer tricks that can help you cozy up your home.

1. Start with decluttering

The key to having a comfortable home is feeling free and liberated in your space. If you want a change on a budget, start with decluttering. A good tossing out of things you don’t need may be just what your home needs to turn into a cozier place.

Also, adding more storage areas will save you the hassle of creating a new wave of clutter. Once everything is in its place, you can start considering new furniture arrangements, updating some pieces, or simply enjoy the clutter-free home.  

2. Use warm colours for walls

Use warm colours for walls

If you want to turn your home into a cozy haven then using paint colour may do the trick. If you are a fan of lighter tones, the perfect off-white colour is eggshell that can add a refreshing inviting touch to classic décor. Mustard yellow can bring a serene feel to your home, especially when paired up with earthy colours and white tones.

If you want something more subtle, a soft blue can appear warm and give your space calming notes. While rich red and tangerine may seem too vibrant, their boldness can go well with timid shades of your furniture and wooden pieces, giving an extra touch of warmth to the place. 

3. Create warmth with rugs

Rugs by default cozy up the home. However, choosing a rug that fits well with your interior design and taste is a crucial step to creating a comfortable place. Vintage rugs are one of the ways to introduce charming details to your hallways and entryways. Small flat-weave rugs are great for under the coffee table and next to your bed, giving just a hint of coziness to the décor.

An area rug is a must in big spaces, like the living room to create a more inviting atmosphere. Layering rugs in this type of room can bring in texture and highlight a specific area. For example, place a sheepskin over your area by the fireplace or lounge chair to encourage a more intimate setting. 

4. Add organic details to décor

Add organic details to décor

Having nature in your home is a perfect way to wake up space and breathe in more life to it. Flowers on the kitchen counter or dining room table are a classic way to do that. Fruit in a stylish bowl can also make space feel like home and give it extra warmth.

Tall potted plants are perfect for corners or by the seating area, while smaller ones will do nicely scattered around on the shelves. If you lack a green thumb, paintings of nature or the most quality artificial plants can also add organic details to the room.  

5. Make your sofas and chairs comfy

One of the most important things is to have a comfy seating set in your living area since that is where you spend most of your time. A few minor details can do wonders to warm up the room. Start by spreading velvet cushions on sofas and chairs for both visual and practical coziness.

A throw blanket is always a welcoming addition, especially during rainy and snowy days. Adding a dimmer or a floor lamp will allow you to gently light the room making the space more romantic and intimate. Choosing the right nightstand light for your home can be a tricky process. You can find a nightstand light ideally suited to your bedroom, no matter its size or style. The best way to make your house look cozy is to add a beautiful fur throw blanket.

6. Incorporate wood for instant coziness

Incorporate wood for instant coziness

Without a doubt, adding wood is the easiest way to cozy up your home and make the décor comfier. Hardwood floors can help you define the level of comfortableness in the room right from the start, especially if you choose darker shades, like mahogany. While wood furniture can be expensive, smaller pieces, like a dresser, a coffee table, or a chair can be enough to make your space instantly welcoming.

Wood wall ideas can help you create a shabby-chic décor giving your home elegant and warmer style. You can go for a full cabin feel with all-wood walls, or opt for a more artful approach and create an accent wall.  

7. Mix old and new

While modern homes are not without the charm, sometimes you may need a dash of something old to warm-up space. The antique or vintage piece is a great way to bring character into your décor for the extra coziness effect. This may sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be if you stop by yard sales and thrift stores.

If you are not a fan of this type of shopping, you can easily realize this idea with some smaller decorative details. Gold bowl on the coffee table or brass fixtures in the kitchen can be just what you need to make your home cozier.

The bottom line

These designer tricks offer various ideas that can help you turn your home into a cozier space. Even though a lot may depend on your budget, even the small details can bring warmth to your décor.

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