5 Best Practices For Displaying Instagram Wall On Hotel Digital Signage

Instagram Wall

Instagram, largely popular as a photo sharing app has become one of the most loved apps by the internet users. Be it the aesthetic, or the kind of engagement that the platform provides. Users simply spend a lot of their time scrolling through the content created on the platform, making it only essential for brands to leverage the best of content created on the platform, to enhance brand growth.

This holds especially true for brands serving in the hospitality industry, as 83% of travelers seek visuals uploaded on social sites as sources to seek travel inspiration.

So, if you have been looking for a way to use Instagram content created by your users and the brand,  Instagram wall is the answer. Keep reading the top 5 practices of displaying an instagram wall on hotel digital signage.

Instagram Wall on Hotel Digital Signage – An Overview

Digital signage outperforms your digital displays. Using them, you can showcase a variety of content on screens, and keep your visitors engaged to the T.

Moreover, the fact that guest experience for hotel brands is the key to success, displaying an Instagram wall, which is predominantly a hashtag wall, can awe-inspire their attention and make them want to come back to your place of stay.

You can choose to highlight your guest’s experience, any running offers, content generated by hashtag campaigns, giveaways, or brand-generated visual travel guide shared on Instagram.

Let’s find out best practices for showcasing an Instagram wall on hotel digital signage.

5 Best Content Ideas To Display Instagram Wall On Digital Signage

1. Showcase UGC To Build Social Proof

Showcasing your past users’ experience is the best way to create mesmerizing new experiences.

By looking at the past interactive and entertaining experiences of the visitors, our guests will be validated about their choices and will be less hesitant about their stay with you.

A live hashtag feed getting displayed at multiple places at your hotel can be a great way to establish social proof, which helps in building trust and making your place of stay to come across as dependable.

All that you need is a brand exclusive hashtag and a social wall tool to help you aggregate content and share it on your digital signage.

2. Run Sales & Promotions

Running promotions on Instagram? Display them on your hotel digital signage via hashtag wall.

It can help you communicate with your audience and let them know of all the important updates taking place in your hotel. This can also significantly increase their interest in all the activities provided by you.

Furthermore, if you are running a Digital-Out-Of-Home advertising campaign, then digital signage is the best way to communicate with your customers.

You can choose to display the offer codes and guidelines for participating in any campaign run on Instagram, and feature the submitted entries from your social media campaign, the content created by the entrantrants and what did they win!

3. Showcase The Services Provided

Showcasing the services you provide on Instagram can be a great way to attract the audience’s attention and make them get to know about your presence.

Awe-inspiring them with your hospitality is a great idea to compel them to visit your hotel. Further, by showcasing the same via Instagram wall on hotel digital signage can help your visitors also learn about all that they can expect from their stay.

4. Display Infrastructural Content

Social Media has become the best place to expose your brand to a global audience, get them inspired, and enhance footfall at your place of visit.

Upload the infrastructure of your hotel on Instagram, snippets of suites, lawns, hospitality provided, a brief about the founders, etc., and showcase the same on digital signages set up in the premises of your hotel.

5. Generate Excitement  For Events

Showcasing content generated on Instagram is the best way to generate excitement for your event.

Create an exclusive hashtag to get entries for any event taking place in your hotel and ask your audience to create content, maybe, in return for a discount on event passes.

Now, display this content on the digital signage set up in your hotel, to make the guests aware about it and if at all they get intrigued, the probability of a higher ticket sale comes into light.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Instagram wall on digital signage is a smart strategy to not only boost engagement, but also provide an extraordinary guest experience. Hotel brands are increasingly growing to adapt to the latest technology that helps them stand out from the competition, and enhance bookings. Furthermore, by showcasing Instagram wall on hotel digital signage, you can easily grow your reach both ways. As the visitors can know about your Instagram presence and might even end up following you. Hence, a win-win.

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