Top 7 Wearable Tech in 2019

Wearable Tech

Nowadays, watches are not only devices built to tell time. Some watches are smart enough to be at par with your smart phones. Other watches are made to keep up with your way of life. In the age of modernity, watches in 2019 spell high technologies and we got a couple of watches in this list that you should totally take a look on.

Apple 4

When talking about smartwatches, Apple 4 remains to be one of the hottest deals with its smart features. From checking messages to answering phones, this smartwatch can be independently use from your iPhone.

This watch is so advanced that you can straight on listen to podcasts or iTunes – you just have to make sure you have your AirPods with you. The Apple 4 is said to be best suited for family men and businessmen, so surely it could be a perfect gift for them.

TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45

If you are looking for a luxury watch, then the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 is the right one for you. This smartwatch is made to keep up with your daily activities while staying sleek and fashionable.

Dubbed as the first “Swiss-made connected watch”, it is built to match your lifestyle. The watch is customizable to your liking and tells its valuableness with its price. If you mind the quality over the price, you can secure this lavish timepiece to keep up with your style.

Montblanc Summit 2

Functioning on Qualcomm’s state-of-the-art Snapdragon Wear 3100 Chipset, this smartwatch is compatible to both Android and IOS phones. The company took the criticisms of the previous version constructively which bore to the Montblanc Summit 2 smartwatch.

This watch is backed up mostly by Google features which makes it more efficient to be everywhere and anywhere. With this, Montblanc made sure that this smartwatch will put up a good fight against the other luxury smartwatches.

Samsung Galaxy

The specs of Samsung’s Galaxy watch ranges from being compatible with both Android and IOS smartphones to having 4G connection. This smart watch can name its price as a high-tech watch. 

Samsung not only made sure that they can keep with your busy life but even with your fashion expectations. The watch face of this device can be customizable through your very own PC or Mac. With this features, Samsung Galaxy watch totally kicks in the game.

Breitling Exospace B55

Being one of the most-recognized Swiss brands, Breitling offers a different kind of luxury watch to sailors. Joining the race of being “connected” with TAG Heuer, Breitling released the BreitlingExospace B55. The company has always been adored by aviators, adventurers, and sailors alike, and they were said to have not been disappointed.

Breitling Exospace B55 is a pilot-friendly operator that can be used independently from a smartphone. This watch also has push notifications so you can keep track of necessary messages or mails even when you’re away from your phone.

Amazfit Smart Watch 2

Xiaomi’s Amazfit Smart Watch 2 smartwatch is a newbie that a watch lover shouldn’t skip out. This watch is more than just your common health watch, Xiaomi keeps up the game as they included ECG sensor in the market. Such features made the watch very appealing to health personnel and heart patients alike.

Amazfit Smart Watch 2 is also backed with a tough design and is water resistant for up to 5 ATM. Technically speaking, you can sweat out or even take a shower with this watch on.

Skagen Falster 2 Smartwatch

The Skagen is another luxury smartwatch to consider. It’s made compatible to both Androids and IOS and is very up to any challenge you might want to take. The watch is sleek to your own liking as you can dress it up with its interchangeable straps.

This Smartwatch also boasts its way to being characterized with upgraded Google Wear OS. Apart from that, you can also take a dip with this watch as it is swim-proof.


Watches also take a plunge in modernity with the latest possible technologies. The competition is not only limited with smartphone companies developing their own smartwatches but even traditional watch companies take the challenge of upgrading their clocks. If you’re in for an upgrade, make sure to be updated with the age of time with these smartwatches.

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