Impact of Online Assessment on the Education System

Online Assessment

Have you ever heard about or having taken part in an Online Assessment? Wondering what it is like to take an ability test or a personality questionnaire? This article will explain you the importance of Online Assessments.

If you haven’t come across taking an online assessment before, you apparently have a number of questions arising which ranges from how an online assessment is devised to what it measures.

What is an Online Assessment?

An online assessment measures and judges certain abilities, behaviors or characteristics of an individual by using the web based technologies available on the internet. An assessment comprises of number of tests and questionnaires collaborative to each other, It could:

  • providing clues in career counseling
  • Make you efficient in choosing a training, job or career
  • promote a more objective self esteem.

How is an Online Assessment constructed?

An online assessment has several tests or questionnaires which need to be finished by the candidate in a certain period of time. These tests and questionnaires which are combined are usually determined by certain roles and competencies required for the applied position.

For instance, an online assessment may contain various tests like numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, inductive ­logical thinking and can also include a personality questionnaire. The most optimal sequence to complete these tests is not by taking the tests in one sitting, but to take breaks between each test.

Types of Assessment tests:

There are many different kinds of tests which are categorized as follows:

  • Ability tests: these tests determine certain abilities such as logical reasoning, concentration or text comprehension.
  • Personality questionnaires: they can determine qualities such as interest to cooperate, sensitivity or ambition.
  • Knowledge tests: these tests can establish specific knowledge like mechanical reasoning or language skills.

Prominence of Quality Assessment in the Education System:

Assessments are an important part of today’s education system as it gives an exact picture of an individual of where they stand. It plays a crucial role by acting as a catalyst to learners by boosting them to perform better. Hence, quality assessment  is required to every individual to focus on a specific area with complete precision. In order to decide the quality of an assessment, the following characteristics should be present:

  • The content should be easy to understand and should comply with the subject taught.
  • The test taken by the individual must have a measurable outcome; i.e. the content should be accurate without any flaws.
  • The test should grab the attention of the student, and that is the reason why the tests contain objective at all the times. It should be creative and not boring for the individuals.

Why do students find Online Assessments useful?

The impact of technology is certainly beneficial for the education sector. Initially, teaching and, in-consequence, assessing students are two factors which should not only be restricted among the four walls, but should be able to perform anytime and anywhere with the help of computers and the internet.

Industries are showing more interest in moving form using the traditional assessment methods to using practical ones which are always emerging towards technological solutions. Including these methods which are practical not only benefit the institutions, but, also students as they depend on this method right from the initial stages.

Research has also found that many students are likely to show interest in proving their skills by taking online assessments rather than a traditional method of paper-and-pencil one. So, finding out how reliable it would be to incorporate online methods in evaluating and teaching, according to the perspective of students.


With many changes to occur in the educational systems, incorporating online assessment has become more popular and widely adopted. But, finally it is the choice of the individual to choose the right examination pattern depending on his comfort.

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  1. Thank you for posting this I’m sure many people will learn a lot about this topic. Very nice article.

  2. Online assessments have indeed revolutionized the education system by providing a convenient and efficient way to evaluate abilities, behaviors, and knowledge. They offer a personalized approach to learning and assessment, allowing students to showcase their skills anytime, anywhere.

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