Construction Productivity Challenges That Project Managers Should Know About

Construction Technology

The challenges in the construction domain are complex and numerous. From labour shortages to possibilities of disputes and rework and constant project cost overruns, there is much that managers have to struggle with. More than anything else, productivity lag is something that can make life tough for them. When it comes to finding what stands in the way of maximising the productivity of your workforce, here are the culprits that often emerge as the forerunners.

Lack of communication

In an industry like construction, where projects involve huge teams and multiple tasks, communication is essential. The sheer number of moving parts is a challenge in itself and the fact that requirements can change on a daily basis makes things even tougher. Miscommunication can be a killer, particularly when it comes to updates because it can lead to loss of productivity and wastage of time. Therefore, it becomes essential to have a system that ensures seamless communication so that everyone stays on the same page.

Lack of technological advancement

Another major productivity killer in the construction sector is the absence of technological advancement. Even if there are technologies around, they are mainly concerned with design rather than project execution. Thankfully, innovative construction management software solutions are making inroads in the industry and changing the way projects are handled. So it surely makes sense to move from paper and pen to a solution that automates the workflows and enhances productivity.

Coordination issues

Typically, construction projects have hundreds of workers, working in different roles across varying processes and with diverse goals. There is field staff, along with general contractors, speciality contractors,  architects and designers, suppliers and project managers who need to work together to create a plan and execute it effectively. However, coordination can be a challenge when there is such diversity in the workforce and it can reflect on their productivity.

Inefficient use of time

With construction workmen, you can expect a significant part of their daily work hours being wasted. Even the remaining time seems to be plagued by inefficient usage, with issues like preparing for tasks, gathering materials and equipment and waiting for instructions. While these aspects cannot be avoided, project managers need to ensure efficiency and minimise wastage by addressing these bottlenecks.

The focus, therefore, should be on finding ways to address these challenges effectively with the right measures in place. Implementation of construction technology can be of great value when it comes to reaching the highest levels of productivity.


Workforce productivity is one of the key aspects that have an impact on the success of construction projects. Low productivity can cause delays and cost overruns. So it is important for project managers to be aware of the factors that lower productivity so that they can address them with the right measures.

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