How video conferencing facility will help your Business grow effectively

video conferencing

The current COVID-19 pandemic has compelled brands to reinvent the way they operate their businesses. To run business without any interruptions, brands have turned to business video conferencing to stay connected with their team and customers. With the need to maintain social distancing and work remotely, video conferencing offers a more convenient and personalized approach. Video conferencing serves as the closest alternative to real business meetings and enable businesses to communicate and collaborate with the employees and address concerns instantly.

As communication plays a significant role in keeping employees across the globe connected as well as keeping in contact with customers, the importance of video conferencing in business communication is rapidly increasing. The new remote work culture has encouraged businesses to transform the way they operate by depending more on video conferencing platforms which they were not familiar with earlier.

The core benefits of video conferencing

So what are the benefits of video conferencing? The benefits of video conferencing in business include more efficient communication, personalization, saved commute time, better productivity, and a lot more. Video conferencing platform features inbuilt functionalities to ensure a quality business communication experience.

If you still wonder what is the use of video conferencing in your business space, let’s explore some of the core advantages of video conferencing.

A convenient form of communication

Video conferencing allows users to communicate with each other without having to travel to remote locations. Businesses can leverage video conferencing tools to connect instantly with their team when time-sensitive situations arise. People can benefit from the advantage of connecting easily with people located at different locations from the comfort of their homes.

Facilitate more personal meeting

Unlike other communication methods like email exchange, video conferences take business communication to the next level. With video conferencing, it is easier to understand the tones of participants due to the cues of facial expressions. Video meetings allow businesses to build a more personalized connection with team members, stakeholders, clients, etc. Video meetings not only enable personalized communication and collaboration it also contributes to a strong relationship with the team members, something which email exchanges and phone calls cannot match.

Efficiently save efforts, money, and time

Real face-face meetings come with a lot of costs associated with them. The participants have to travel to different places, adding up the costs quickly. In-office business meetings also come with a lot of costs, including the cost related to paying employees who would actively participate in setting up meetings and waiting for all members to arrive. All these costs can add up to big figures in the long run. Studies show that organizations waste around $37 billion on incompetent meetings every year. Video conferencing not just saves your efforts, time, and money, it also helps in setting up efficient meetings.

Facilitate management usability

The need for team members to access communication and collaborative solutions is important, especially in a business environment. In an organization, there is a constant need to conduct virtual meetings, real-time chat, screen sharing, conducting collaborative activities, webinars, and live training sessions, etc. But, relying on different applications for each activity can make things complicated. By leveraging video conferencing applications that support all of these activities, businesses can simplify management usability without being loaded with a lot of applications. Instead, by using one efficient business video conferencing application, you can run all your critical business communication activities effortlessly and efficiently.

Enhanced productivity

As you already know, video conferencing solutions reduce hectic remote business travel which reduces the travel-related costs and thereby improving the productivity of your business. Less business travel and related costs imply the usage of that time, effort, and cost in some other area of your business for better productivity. Video chatting not only makes communication with employees and clients easier, it also ensures projects are completed faster so that your business can be aligned with your unique objectives and goals.

Reach out to a big team

Do you have something you need to communicate with your business team who are spread across the globe immediately? Conduct a video conference for rapid outreach and get all the key players united in a single place remotely. Video conferencing facilitates conducting virtual meetings with a big team simultaneously. It simplifies connecting and engaging with the team from various parts of the globe easily and effortlessly.

Business leaders can connect with their employees, vendors, clients, and customers to hold key business discussions. Large and important business meetings that need strategic planning can be easily carried out with the use of video conferencing solutions. Most video conferencing apps like Zoom allow connecting with a large team constituting over 100 members at the same time.

Better business relations

Just like real face-face meetings, video chatting allows you to meet your employees, suppliers, partners, and clients and interact with each other virtually to create better business opportunities. With video conferencing, holding a discussion with your colleagues, training your team members, holding board meetings, conducting webinars, and brainstorming creative business ideas becomes much easier. Video conferencing also facilitates building a one-one business relationship with important persons involved in your business.

Improved scalability

Gone are the toughest times where organizations had to invest expensive solutions to conduct video meetings. Fast forward to the modern digital age where technology simplifies HD and even 4K video conferencing, the whole process is more efficient and affordable than ever before. Best video conferencing solutions make it easy for organizations of all sizes to adapt virtual meeting strategy easily with much-needed scalability.

Gain a competitive edge

Businesses that communicate by using video conferencing solutions are able to share knowledge efficiently and faster. With reduced business-related travel, better team collaboration, and efficient virtual meetings, businesses who adopt video conferencing are able to attain a competitive edge in the industry. Business meetings shift to digital when you choose the power of video conferencing to interact with your team. Businesses can reduce their unproductive time and improve the quality of communication via video conferences. Integrating video conferencing allows businesses to be more efficient, and generate better meetings.

Improved hiring and retention of employees

Generally, the hiring process in an organization is quite elaborate and hectic. If your organization hires top talents from outside the country or different parts of the city, things can get more complicated. Or if the panel members of the interview board involve people who are spread across the whole, the hiring process becoming challenging again. However, with virtual meetings, you can save your valuable time, effort, and money when conducting interviews, making the entire process much more efficient. With integrated tools in video conferencing solutions, the hiring process can be recorded for future references as well.

Offers more structure for meetings and improves attendance

In video conferencing, different people join the virtual discussions from different locations of the world; the entire meeting would be clearly structured out. The start and end times of virtual meetings would be well defined and clearly set. This also implies fewer interventions from team members and more productivity during the allocated time. Team members would most likely stick to the already planned structure and stick to it when they know the meeting must end at a specific time. Video conferencing also allows the flexibility that improves the attendance rates of participants in business meetings as it is easy for everyone to tune in to a scheduled time as it is convenient.

Increase employee and job satisfaction

Happy employees are productive employees who contribute to a productively functioning business environment. Frequent business travels for meetings, take both a physical and emotional toll on employees. Replacing business travels with video meetings results in better health and job satisfaction. It also helps to boost the performance and productivity of businesses and reduces job turnover.

Researches shows that work from home employees are equally productive as in-office employees. Workers who have the option to work remotely are much happier, healthier, and more efficient in the work they do.

Support for green initiates

Business travel not only takes a toll on employees, but on the environment as well in several ways. Whereas, video chatting is a smart, modern, economically viable, and environment-friendly way to attend meetings. Less business travel helps with energy consumption due to reduced driving, flying, and hotel stays which uses a great amount of energy. In-person meetings also produce a lot of waste including non-recyclable materials.

Replacing business travel with video conferencing has a positive impact on the environment and it is also light on the economy. Video conferencing, in turn, helps to reduce landfill-bound waste, pollutants, and greenhouse gases, thus leading to an environmental-friendly way to arrange and attend meetings.


Video conferencing is a powerful communication tool that offers a more personalized and inclusive boost to employee communication and collaboration. With more clarity in both internal and external communication procedures, business and workflows can run more effectively.  It is difficult to dispute the impact of video conferencing for businesses and their communication needs. Better business meeting efficiency directly contributes to better business productivity, smooth running of business operations, and employee satisfaction. Using the best video conferencing solution facilitates scalability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness to meet your increasing business communication requirements. No matter what type of business you run, you can incorporate video conferencing into your business operations to further boost the business performance and growth.

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