5 Innovative Startup Ideas To Start During The COVID-19

Innovative Startup Ideas

More often than not, people tend to do their best when faced with adversity or the most challenging situations in life. This explains how new businesses are still coming up despite the harsh conditions caused by the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. The business environment has not been the easiest to deal with, as most establishments close while others drastically cut back on expenses to survive. It is surprising, therefore, that new establishments could come up amid the harsh conditions. However, when one is positive-minded, there is always a way out. Finding unique ways to fix pandemic issues is one of the easiest ways to create a new business. Here are a few unique suggestions that could easily become business ideas.

1. Delivery Services

Before you rush to dismiss the idea, remember that most people limit their movements in fear of spreading the virus. Generally, more people prefer to work from home and to avoid unnecessary gatherings and movements. This offers an ideal situation for anyone in the delivery business. You can revamp your business by making sure you provide a specialized delivery service. Consider diversifying to cater to the needs of those stuck at home.

Remember that most people with advanced age will not leave their homes frequently as before since they are highly at risk. It is a great idea to offer specialized services that target certain age groups such as this. Alternatively, you can make your delivery services focus on specific aspects, say food delivery only, or make it essential only. This way, you can focus on best serving the people who need you. Avoid becoming a jack of all trades, as this can easily hinder your efficiency and efficacy.

2. Specialized Cleaning Services

When planning to start such a business, you may want to consider financing options. This means that you need to prove to your potential financiers that you are a credible business. Remember that the relevant government body will issue a certificate of good standing only when you meet all the requirements, most of which include filing all your taxes. This is important if you are planning long term and looking to expand. Fortunately, a specialized cleaning service in these harsh times is a viable business idea since people need such services as a crucial need. Hygiene is one of the most emphasized aspects of dealing with the current pandemic.

People need to keep their surfaces clean and always disinfected to minimize the chances of contracting the virus. When you run such a specialized business, the chances are that you will have to define your clientele since those requiring your services are many. Choose to either offer industrial cleaning services or residential cleaning expertise.

Make sure to invest in the right equipment and product. Remember that you will mostly be focusing on deep cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. What’s more, you may need a team of competent employees to help you achieve your goals.

3. Online Teaching and Consulting

As more people find themselves having extra time resulting from staying at home, they are constantly scouring the internet for the latest content and information to learn new things. If you have any special skills that you could share with people, this is your chance to shine. Come up with a lesson plan and prepare your content in a sharable manner before putting it out there. What’s more, you can monetize the content and earn something significant from it.

Alternatively, advertise yourself formally to have people book sessions with you. In case you are a formal teacher in school or college, this is your chance to keep students engaged as you earn something extra. Most people are hungry for new knowledge and willing to pay reasonably to acquire it, especially when they do not have much going on. Tap into your skills to make extra cash for yourself. What’s more, teachers can also attend to their students online as this has become a new normal for most students.

You can also consider turning your professional skills into a consulting business. What are you good at, and can you make it useful to others? If your answer is yes to both questions, you can easily start an online consulting business. It is a non-limiting option to share useful and transforming content that can make people’s lives better. Talk to them about farming, interior decorating, managing a business, or even maintaining relationships. The point is to find what you are good at and run with it. You never know just how good and therapeutic this may be for you.

4. Make Some Products for Sale

Have you been putting off the idea of making your soap or oil-blends for a long time because you never find the time to get to it? Well, with the pandemic having most people grounded, this is a great time to look into your hand-making skills. Play around with the different scents you have in mind, and try out different samples to perfect your skills.

With so much time in your hands and fewer excuses, you may surprise yourself by making some pretty unique products. Sell them to people around you, and even ship them to others who may need them. With proper support and dedication, your hand-made products may be a business you do not want to retire from, especially if you get better proceeds than your job offers you.

It is possible to turn your hobby into a life-long career if you invest time, resources, and effort into it. Consider the chance during this COVID19 pandemic and explore your skills. After all, you may never know what your potential could amount to until you try.

5. Cook and Sell

If you have heard people compliment your unique food or baked items, this could be a chance for you to make some money out of it.  Perfect your favorite recipes and advertise them on your social media platforms. You’ll be surprised at the number of orders you get. While people may be at home, cooking is not everyone’s hobby, and people will willingly pay for a great serving of homemade meals.

Make it even more special by cooking healthy options that many medics recommend. The process may take time, but the rewards are immense. Besides the money you make, knowing that you contributed towards making people’s lives better is even more satisfying.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic may have hit hard, causing people to lose their jobs and businesses. Still, an innovative individual can see the existing problems and fix them by offering solutions via an enterprise. Find out what people need now and start a business that addresses their issues. Business ideas range from gardening to delivery services. The crucial thing is to find your niche.

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