How to set up the perfect online class

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With COVID-19 not seeming like the biggest problem anymore, online classes might not be something that you still think about every day. But still, a lockdown can happen any moment, as well as you can simply catch COVID yourself. When this happens, your classes can’t simply be cancelled: we’ve showed that online classes can work as well. In this blog, we’ll give you three tips that help you organize the perfect online class. Get started immediately!

1. Your setting

Firstly, the setting in which you teach your class is very important. As you’re not in a classroom any longer, but in your own space, you might walk into problems that you would otherwise not have. For example: a crying child in the room next you will be heard, interrupting your class. But there’s more to your setting than just sound: you also play your own part in what your background looks like. You can choose for a preset background given by Microsoft Teams, but you can also make your background inviting to look at. Use an online whiteboard, or show off some interesting books relevant to your class!

2. Make it interactive

There’s nothing as boring as listening to someone talk for three hours straight. Sadly, when we’re talking about online classes, this is often exactly what happens. For most students, this is three hours that are thrown away, as they won’t be able to stay interested for this long. When you make your class interactive, you make sure that everyone stays involved. You do this by creating tiny tasks during your class, or by asking questions to your audience as well. It might seem like very small things to do, but the result is massive.

3. Secure yourself

The scary thing about online teaching is that you can share some wonderful insights and that anyone can use them, especially if they fall into the wrong hands. Luckily, this doesn’t stop most teachers from teaching their students about their relevant topics, but we do understand if you want to prevent yourself from this happening. If this is the case for you, DMCA protection is exactly what you need. We suggest taking a look at the services of Onsist, as these are exactly what you need for you to teach your classes in the exact way you want.

Good luck!

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