How to Secure the Email Portal of Office 365?

Office 365 Email Portal

Do you know that securing email portals is a must to keep the scammers and phishing attacks at bay? An advanced email security system ensures that the employees of the enterprise are not vulnerable to phishing attacks. It has been found that around 30% of the phishing emails get opened by the employees of a business enterprise. The loss enterprise face due to phishing attacks is much more alarming than the losses they face due to various other issues.

Each business enterprise uses a different email system as a means of communicating with the employees. One of the most used is Microsoft Office 365. Many enterprises are of an opinion that since Office 365 comes with a security system, additional email security solutions are not needed. That is where the scammers have an advantage over the enterprises.

To have a complete O365 secure email portal, opting for any of the third party email security solutions is not advisable either. Enterprises need to choose an email security system that effectively detects and blocks the following types of phishing attacks.

  • Business Email Compromise (BEC)
  • Malware and Ransomware
  • Spear Phishing
  • CEO Fraud
  • Zero Day Attack
  • Domain Spoofing
  • Brand Forgery
  • Whaling Attacks

The leading company that provides the email security system has the following advantages over others in the market.

  • Runs in the Cloud
    • The email security system runs entirely on the cloud which keeps it safe from being attacked or detected by the scammers.
    • It forms a thin barrier between the users and the emails ensuring that no email passes through the system without being scrutinized for any potential attacks.
    • The email security system can be easily deployed with an Office 365 conversion or with the existing setup.
  • Built for Cloud Solutions
    • The email security system can be integrated seamlessly into the existing systems either at once or the process can be rolled out stage wise while making sure everything is working accordingly.
  • Highly Secure and Fully Scalable
    • The email security system can be installed in an enterprise of any size and volume.
    • From global industries to small scale business enterprises, the email protection solution will meet all the requirements of the enterprise.
  • Advanced Computer Vision Technology
    • The email security system uses an advanced technology known as computer vision which ‘sees’ the emails as humans do but with better precision.
    • The fake logos, minor alterations in the domain name are detected and the user is warned about the same using banners that appear with each email.
  • Works on Any Device, Anywhere
    • The advantage of using Office 365 is that it supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).
    • Many enterprises allow their employees to use personal devices.
    • The email security system works effectively on all devices and at any location.
  • User-Friendly Warnings
    • The warnings that appear on the banners are easy to understand.
    • No technical terms are used. Instead, simple words such as fake, brand forgery, safe, malicious, etc. are used to alert the users about the emails they receive.
    • Users need to click on the banner to report suspicious emails and block them.
  • Interactive Dashboard
    • The interactive dashboard maintains a detailed list of all the suspicious emails received and blocked at all times.
    • This will help enterprises keep track of the phishing attacks they have successfully blocked.
    • The administrators can use this information to trace the scammers and report them.
  • Prevents Zero Day Attacks
    • Zero Day attacks are the latest and the most difficult of the phishing threats to detect.
    • Using a special algorithm developed with machine learning that creates profiles of brands by tracing their behavioral patterns.
    • Using the existing database of scammer techniques and also the behavioral profiling, the email security system blocks the attempts made to breach the security system.

Though the systems running on the cloud are less prone to the traditional viruses and attacks, they are not entirely safe from phishing attacks which make it necessary to have an email security system in place.

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