5 Interesting Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam might have been developed for NASA back in the 1960s, but you don’t have to be an astronaut to discover the benefits for yourself today. This unique foam is now available in everything from mattresses and pillows, to footwear and office seats. Once you’ve finished updating your home’s tech, you might decide that it’s time to make a change to your bedding too.

Although memory foam used to be a lot more expensive, technology and industry developments have meant that it’s much easier to mass-produce cost-effective memory foam bedding. However, even with the price reduction, changing your mattress can be a pricy process. With that in mind, you may need some convincing before you decide to ditch your old mattress in favour of something new. Here are 5 benefits of memory foam mattresses that may convince you to make the switch.

1. Memory Foam Contours to Your Individual Needs

While most of our bodies are defined by the same basic features and shapes, no two people are 100% alike. You might have slightly wider hips than your friends, which means that it’s harder to relax when you’re sleeping on your side. On the other hand, your partner might have a painful lower back that means he or she needs more support from their mattress further down the bed.

Memory foam is the only material that can cater to any body shape or type. The foam actively moulds to the shape of your body, responding to a combination of heat and pressure. That means that you get the support you need where you need it most.

2. Memory Foam Is Durable

While memory foam might be a little more expensive than a standard spring mattress at first, there’s a good chance that it will last longer too. While springs will naturally wear down and get bent out of shape with regular use, memory foam is designed to bounce back into shape after you’re done sleeping. That’s why you don’t see the groove of your body embedded into your mattress when you get into bed each night.

Because memory foam is highly durable and resilient, it can also last for a lot longer, which means that you don’t have to invest in a new bed very often.

3. Memory Foam Comes in Many Types

As we continue to discover the amazing benefits of memory foam mattresses, manufacturers are beginning to invest in even more ways to make their unique bedding options stand out. For instance, you can now get memory foam mattresses that come with temperature-management layers built-in. This helps to prevent the overheating issue that has been common among memory foam users in the past.

There are also specific memory foam mattresses out there that come with an extra layer of robust support for people who have issues with back and joint pain. If you need a firmer mattress that still has all the benefits of memory foam, you’re sure to find a product that’s suitable for you. 

4. Memory Foam Is Great for Couples

Investing in a memory foam mattress might do a lot more than improve your quality of sleep – it could work wonders for your partner too. A standard spring or hybrid mattress can feature a lot of bounce, which means that whenever someone rolls over or moves around in bed, their partner feels the impact. However, memory foam absorbs this motion, meaning that you can have the most restless night sleep without ever waking your partner up.

Minimal motion transfer is one of the biggest benefits of memory foam, particularly for people whose partners are light sleepers. Your motion-absorbing mattress could be the key to saving your marriage.

5. Memory Foam Is Great for Allergies

Finally, most of the memory foam mattresses that you find on the market today will also come with hypoallergenic materials used throughout. This means that you can avoid all the standard itching and discomfort that you might get from a traditional mattress.

Although the level of allergy protection you can have will depend on the kind of memory foam mattress you choose, you should be able to at least protect yourself from things like overexposure to dust, as memory foam is great at protecting against a build-up of skin cells and bacteria.

If you’re thinking of getting a new mattress, now might be the time to give memory foam a try.

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