How to Find A Reliable Riding Partner for Your Motorcycle Trips?

Riding Partner for Motorcycle Trips

Motorcycle trips do not have to be constrained by the number of people going on the ride. For some, a motorcycle trip simply means breaking away from the mundaneness of life, and being alone. While for others, a motorcycle ride is more about camaraderie and sharing the experience with somebody they love. What’s your riding style? If you love being alone in nature without anybody dragging you behind, then you should continue with your solo rides. But if you think having a partner can enhance the experience then this article is for you where we talk about a few important things on finding a reliable riding partner for your motorcycle trips  

Find a rider closer to your location

The idea of having a riding partner becomes beneficial when the person stays closer to you because that way you can plan a trip at the drop of a hat and set out on your rides without having to meet first, discussing the trip, and then going out on the ride! You don’t need the hassle of waiting for days to meet your partner because that takes away half the fun of going on an impromptu motorcycle trip. When looking for a partner make sure to find a person who stays close by, ideally within a couple of kilometers from your house, so that you don’t have to wait for days to see the person.

Find someone with compatible skills

Would you go on a ride with somebody who does not have similar writing skills like you? Definitely not and that is why you need to find somebody who has at least as good riding experience as you do so that you do not have the other person dragging you behind especially on long distance trips where the skill of tackling obstacles on the road and being safe are some inherent qualities that you need in the person without having to teach them! In addition to compatibility of skill levels, you also need the person to have a motorcycle that closely matches the capacity of your own bike so that you don’t have a huge gap in between the two of you on the ride. If a smaller capacity motorcycle has to catch up with a higher capacity motorcycle, it might lead to mechanical problems, which is something you definitely do not want on a road trip.

The Rider mindset Vs. The Racer mindset

The highway is not a race track! There’s no point in racing other vehicles when going on a long-distance road trip. What you need to do instead is to tackle the traffic smartly and make overtaking maneuvers only when it is completely safe to do that. Choose a partner who understands the nitty-gritty of staying safe on an open highway as well as in congested city roads instead of racing every vehicle shooting past them. While we’re on the topic of safety make sure to find a person who knows the importance of riding safe and using all necessary riding accessories such as a branded motorcycle helmet, riding jacket, riding goggles and gloves.

Find someone you can trust

When you are under road riding through unknown places you need somebody who you can completely rely upon. While it might be difficult to find somebody you trust 100%, make sure that the person is reliable because you do not want them to put you in trouble by doing something stupid on the road! Also, the person needs to have the basic common sense of coming to your aid if you get into trouble instead of just continuing to ride without glancing backwards. Riding under the influence of alcohol is another problem that you need to discuss with your partner before setting out on the road. Having all the necessary documents to avoid any legal hassle with the police is another aspect that you need to ascertain before heading out on the trip. All of these problems cease to exist as soon as you find somebody trustworthy, because that person will have taken care of these issues without you having to say so.


Riding solo is great, but having a riding partner can completely change the experience! If you agree, this article is for you where we talk about a few important things on finding a reliable riding partner for your motorcycle trips.

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