How Content, SEO, And PPC Can Play Well Together?


If you’ve ever had reservations about how well PPC advertising would work for your business, then this article is here to help out.

To summarise, pay-per-click or PPC advertising works by paying an advertising platform like Google to place your ads on their network where you’ll pay each time a potential customer clicks on your ad. It is one of the most affordable and effective means of advertising to date. However, there are a few things you can do to supercharge PPC advertising and that’s by analysing the data coming from advertising content and SEO.

Let’s take a look below at how content, SEO and PPC can play well together.

PPC Campaigns Boost Already-optimised SEO Content

If there’s one power couple in the world of digital marketing, it’s undoubtedly SEO content and PPC ads.

In a way, you’re creating or sharing an already existing piece of optimised content through PPC platforms. This essentially means that your content isn’t only being found by relevant customers, but was also designed to boost conversions for those specific customers.

In short, the content that you’ve created is highly effective at engaging your targeted readers and that means that they are more likely convert. Whether this is through a sale or downloading a free e-book by handing over the details, it’s still a fantastic result.

Services or Products in Content are Front and Centre in Search

Another fantastic way that content and PPC play well together is enhancing the buying path that customers take prior to purchasing your products.

To understand this more, we’ll go over how your sponsored content and highlighted products and services are expected to function.

Typically, you’ll have created a blog, article or text-heavy webpage that highlights a product or service and informs readers with the hopes of providing enough information and marketing pizazz to result in a sale. Using PPC ads, you’ll then be able to target the exact readers you designed your website or blog post for – as you will already know the specific keywords these readers will be using in their search.

This works in the opposite direction too. Your customers may be searching for a product or service, of which you have a PPC campaign in place with the correct keywords, which then direct them to your SEO-optimised content where they’ll find everything they need to move forward with their purchase.

You Can Better Segment Campaigns Into Groups

For businesses looking to create highly targeted PPC or content campaigns, combining all SEO, PPC and content pieces is going to be a winner.

This is down to the fact that you’ll be able to create an entire suite of PPC campaigns that target each individual target audience. These audiences will then see ads or PPC links to the content that has been developed just for them.

Basically, you’ll have a number of content campaigns running simultaneously that don’t cross over with one another. This means millennial target customers, for example, will see the PPC result that is designed for them which links to SEO-optimised content articles that are, again, written for their individual needs.

This will greatly increase conversions over generic campaigns that attempt to target all consumer groups in one ad and content piece.

How to Combine Content and PPC

If you’re unsure of how to combine both content marketing and PPC campaigns to supercharge your advertising campaigns, then we have a few simple tips for you below.

Think of SEO content as your long-term strategy, whereas PPC is your short-term lead generator.

To make effective use of both you should develop a piece of content that is adapted to your ideal audience and includes information that they want to know before they move forward with a purchase. Pair this content with a PPC campaign on Google or Bing that only targets the types of keywords that particular audience would use.

In doing this, you’ll be utilising search engine PPC campaigns to flood your conversion-optimized articles or content pieces with relevant audiences.

Our biggest tip here is to head over to BuzzSumo and use the platform to determine which pieces of content work best for each individual business or topic. You’ll then have the info you need to create fantastic, relevant content for your target market.

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