How can a New Business Agency help your business grow?

Business Growth

Growing a business is, without doubt, a tough task. There are many things to consider such as premises, recruitment and investment in software. However, the toughest thing when it comes to business growth is increasing sales and revenue.

Finding the right people and reaching out to them to generate leads to feed into your sales funnel is extremely difficult. And, this is where a new business agency can help.

What is a new business agency?

A new business agency, or lead generation agency, operates on behalf of a company as an extension of their sales team. Using a variety of approaches, these agencies work with their client to define a target audience and from there, use a multitude of methods to reach out to this audience and build a relationship.

For example, London-based Alchemis provide new business opportunities to companies throughout the U.K. and worldwide using a highly targeted, data-driven approach.

So, how can a new business agency help you grow your business?

Generating leads through calls

One of the most effective ways that a new business agency can reach out and begin building a relationship with a prospect is via the phone. Although picking up the phone and making a call may seem fairly simple in theory, being able to build a relationship over the phone is a real skill.

The ability to open a regular stream of communication and evoke trust from somebody that you have never met in person is not easy, and this is why a new business agencies experience and skillset on the phones can provide a large amount of value.

Routine, scheduled follow-ups

Sometimes, when trying to get in touch with a potential customer and attempting to build a relationship it can be very disheartening if at first, you don’t get a response. This downhearted feeling can often lead to you giving up on that specific person.

This would not be an issue for any new business agency worth their salt. They should operate a scheduled follow-up process that is rigidly implemented to ensure that no stone goes unturned when it comes to lead generation.

Decision-maker targeting

Building relationships in business can be tough. However, being able to define the correct people within an organisation that want to build a relationship with can be an even more arduous task.

Saving you time and resources

Dedicating a certain amount of time to growing your business through lead generation is often nye on impossible. This is because it’s human nature to please customers and clients before looking at your own business.

Due to this, some businesses even end up employing staff who are designated to generating leads. A new business agency can cut out the hassle of recruitment and save you time within your business by being the lead generation arm of our operation.

Upskilling your internal team

One benefit of working with a new business agency to grow your business that is often overlooked is the internal training and insights that they can offer.

If you already have some dedicated lead generation resources, why not let them spend some time with your new business agency and learn a thing or two. That way, they’ll have a more comprehensive skill set, and your business will be bringing in even more leads.

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