Holiday Bulk Shipping Supplies at a HUGE cost advantage!


The holidays are approaching quickly…

…and this is the time of year that companies start to prepare for an influx of sales as we propel closer to the end of 2022. 

There was a recent article that shared an interesting fact…

“Holiday shopping will start even earlier to avoid potential supply issues and early November promotional activity (in 2021, 50% of consumers started holiday shopping in November). Retailers that ‘get ready’ early will be the winners. Google research confirmed that 57% of consumers would start shopping earlier in November 2022.”

With that being said…

Is your company prepared with all the shipping supplies that you need to satisfy the holiday demand?

The last thing that you need is for your customers to be disappointed because they could not get their orders on time due to a shortage in your shipping supplies…

So the question is, who is your supplier and are they fully stocked to fulfill your order needs when Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas hits?

If your manufacturer, distributor, and fulfillment centers are not based in the US, you might be in trouble!

This is where GoBiz USA comes in…

We will provide you with bulk wholesale shipping and packaging supplies at a HUGE cost advantage and house them in our US warehouses so that you can access your supplies anytime and get 2-5 day delivery to make sure your customers needs are met this holiday season.

Don’t create uncertainty for yourself by gambling with the idea that storing your products in another country is “fine” and your customers will get their items when they get them…

That’s a safe bet that you probably won’t get repeat purchases because there’s a chance that your carrier might not be dependable – just saying it like it is.

If you want to create customer loyalty, you need to provide quality products, fast & reliable shipping, and exceed their expectations ALWAYS!

The way to grow your business is to get more customers, so if you’re not growing your customer base, then you’re not growing at all…

With GoBiz USA you can:

  • Purchase bulk boxes and envelopes in various colors and sizes for all your shipping needs at discounted wholesale cost-effective prices – we are unbeatable!
  • Store your pallets at our US based warehouses so that you are guaranteed to have your items available and ready to be delivered within 2-5 days.
  • Rest assure that your products are safe and undamaged as our quality-control department is thorough in their package processing procedures.
  • Ship directly to your customers without you having to package any times yourself! Just have your manufactures send over your products to our warehouses where we will keep them safe and distribute them for you.
  • Access an executive-level NetSuite powered dashboard which allows you to process orders, track shipments, contact vendors, and have real-time data on all your transactions.
  • Alleviate the hassle of having to deal with doing business abroad while still getting the same great pricing – we will do all the heavy lifting for you right here in the US!

All you have to do is sign up for a GoBiz USA Business Membership Program today to access all of your NEW benefits and save yourself the stress of having your products overseas and readily unavailable when you need them.

This is EXACTLY why GoBiz USA was built…

To simplify your B2C operation so that you can focus on growing your customer base while we process and fulfill your orders.

Time is ticking…

November is right around the corner so don’t procrastinate and leave things to the unknown.

Choose GoBiz USA as your marketplace and new B2C processing system TODAY!


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