Hiring a Virtual Employee: Recruitment Strategies

Employee Productivity

When you look at the present job market, there’s no dearth of skilled professionals. Even the pandemic ensured most budding talent utilized their time effectively. As such, organizations are usually on the lookout for people who help the company grow. Naturally, finding top-notch folks who would serve the organization better is a continual process. What you need to remember is how to choose the right candidate who would do justice to the job offered. Click here for  virtual conference swag bag.

It’s projected that by 2025, almost 75% of the global workforce would constitute confident, tech-savvy and self-aware millennials. To keep up with the changes and attract potential candidates, recruiters would have to resort to effective recruitment strategies. Hiring a Virtual Employee would require recruiters to identify and test the best talent. 

Virtual Employee Hiring Process

The following recruiting strategies for virtual employees are likely to reap benefits for several companies. 

Campus recruitment drives

Campus recruiting is the best way to make your company visible among potential candidates. Fresh out of colleges and universities, dynamic, young talent display far greater commitment and enthusiasm when they get down to work. Most companies prefer tie-ups with institutes and eventually become associated with placement cells. Some students even appear in the campus newspaper after they perform brilliantly for mock interviews. 

Resort to social media

Social recruiting or hiring a virtual employee is in vogue! Most recruiters prefer sharing job postings in larger networks that encourage two-way conversations. By sharing videos and photos from company events, the workplace is highlighted even better. Alongside that, if you manage to show some snippets of your day-to-day office life, you can give candidates and applicants a fine glimpse into your company’s culture.

Think of candidates like customers

As stressed earlier, candidates’ initial impressions about a company are of paramount importance. It doesn’t matter if it’s a phone screening or a face-to-face interview- recruiters must treat interviewees much like their customers. This can be achieved if you follow a few recruiting techniques like making yourself available in the news, being hospitable enough, and most importantly, staying respectful towards each candidate.

Choosing employee referral programs

The most productive people usually have a habit of associating with the most capable professionals. You can try hiring a virtual employee or offering potential applicants lucrative incentives for referrals. Mostly, these include exciting deals, bonuses and contests that motivate employees to refer talent they may know. 

Compelling job descriptions are win-win situations

The power of penning down attractive job descriptions is quite a skill! If you want to stay a step ahead, write down a few attention-grabbing and compelling job descriptions. While the hiring process continues, this act will give you the push to appeal to candidates who are generally smitten by powerful, meaningful words.

Online competitions

Now that digital media has taken the market by storm, it is indeed one of the best modes to hire prospective employees. You can start posting advertisements and online skill tests that help applicants discover their hidden talent. Creating an online test is no easy feat either. They generally help recruiters choose candidates who would be a perfect fit for the job. If not for a certain company, candidates themselves will know where they fit and how.

Get a company page

It can be time-consuming to sort out employee reviews, salary information, perks, benefits and emoluments and all such documents before discovering the correct candidates for a job. It will be worthwhile paying visits to sites where candidates can locate the brand or organization, and then claim a job in the company. If you’re a recruiter, don’t forget to add attractive descriptions and pictures that would define your business well.

Flexibility is the key

Work-life balance is a criterion that most employees would look for while selecting a company. No matter what companies provide their employees, often it so happens that they fail to take care of their employees’ leisure hours. Play differently and opt-out of the same age-old orthodox behaviors. In other words, provide candidates weekly offs, performance benefits or simply work-from-home facilities when they need it the most. Alternately, you can organize weekly competitions, sports events, potlucks and several such stress-busting activities when hiring a virtual employee.

Harness the power of sponsored jobs

If you want your job postings to stand out from the rest, a great thing to do is to sponsor those posts. These are generally paid listings that appear more frequently in the relevant search results. What is great about these listings is that their placements won’t track the search results, like the free job listings. No wonder only high-quality applicants are chosen via this process.

Industry-related meet-ups are vital

Job fairs are an interesting wayto find good candidates. But you can also meet motivated industry professionals via non-recruiting events. These people will be more than glad to broaden their network and make significant advancements in their respective fields. So find a group, association or meet up and see how many candidates start applying.


Hiring a virtual employee is quite the norm now. After all, the post-pandemic season is largely about analyzing candidates’ ready skills, knowledge and the practical application of concepts learned. While there’s no harm in sticking to the traditions, the virtual employee hiring process will also gain considerable significance among the masses.


When you are running a business or hiring a workforce, there can never be a one-size-fits-all solution. While some may consider the in-person approach, you can just cast a wider net to reap the benefits of a virtual employee hiring process. The call is entirely yours.However, a quick run through this article could help you in perfecting your methods.

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