How to change Siri’s voice in iOS 14.5


Apple’s Siri has revolutionized the way we perceive AI. The virtual assistant has become a staple tool for Apple device owners and a standard by which other variations have been created. Until now, the trademark female voice associated with Siri was the only option Apple users had available for their virtual assistant. People believed this setting to be quite stereotypical hence to appease the users with this concern; Apple has tried to fix that in its upcoming iOS 14.5.

Once you buy a new device with the iOS 14.5 update, you will be asked to select a default voice for Siri while those users who have updated to iOS 14.5 do not have to wait any longer.

Step-by-Step Guide

Just follow these simple steps to change your Siri’s voice;

  • Go o Settings app
  • Select Siri & Search
  • Tap Siri Voice
  • Browse through the list of options
  • By tapping an option, a snippet will be played to aid the selection process
  • Once selected, the voice will download and automatically become the default macOS 11.3

To change the voice in macOS 11.3, simply follow these steps;

  •  Go to System Preferences
  •  Simply select the voice you want to use

Siri Voice Options

As of now, the American variety is the only one with four-voice choices; Australian, British, Indian, Irish, and South African versions only have two. The American choices include, Voice 1, which is a soft-spoken male-sounding voice, Voice 2, an energetic, confident female-sounding voice, Voice 3 is similar to Voice 2 but the male version and the fourth is similar to what Siri originally sounded like.

In other news

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