Top 5 Franchise Ideas In The Beauty Industry

Beauty Industry

Want to own a beauty business of famous brands? You are definitely on the right page! 

The most challenging services in the beauty industry are the beauty and hair salon, and the fitness gym. Owning a franchised outlet of a reputed brand attracts young men and women since we all get besotted to the brand name. If you want to own a beauty salon franchise, then we would suggest you go for some established brands in the market like Lakme Salon, Marie Claire, Shahnaz Hussain, etc.

Due to the ever-changing lifestyles of both men and women and, the rise in income which results in affording luxury products, the beauty industry in India has captured the market quite well. So if you want to start a business, start researching about beauty salon franchises in India and own a beauty salon at a minimum investment.

Before entering into the Beauty Industry and buying a franchise, you should know about the beauty franchise opportunities available to you-

Lash extension franchise

Not only hair salon franchises in India is controlling the market, Lash extension industry is making its way to the top. Nowadays, women do not prefer to use false eyelashes. Instead, they want to grow original ones. Hence, invest around Rs.15 to Rs.20 lakh to own an eyelash extension franchise.

Beauty parlor franchise

A beauty parlor is a must-go-to option for any woman, be it for haircut or styling, facial care, body care, or makeup, etc. you can own a beauty parlor franchise with an investment of 20 to 30 lakh and you can expect an ROI of 60-70%.

Spa franchise

Not a single person in this world you will find is not under stress. So they try to find relaxation in spa centers. So you can buy a spa franchise with an investment of around 10-20 lakh and be ensured to get an ROI of 20-30%.

Nail extension franchise

Women who want to have unique nail arts and follow the trend but have weak quality nails are trying to find a remedy for their problem in nail extension stores. So buy a nail extension franchise with 10-25 lakh investment and expect to get an ROI of about 60%.

Cosmetic Products

Women have inborn skills of makeup and they prefer to buy cosmetic products from e-commerce sites, so buy a cosmetic products franchise with an investment of 30-50 lakh and get an ROI of 50%.

You can buy a unisex salon franchise with some established brands which can boost the growth of your business within a short period. Both men and women are welcomed in those salons where they are provided with their desired treatment by the respective professionals.

Before owning a salon of a particular brand, gain some knowledge about all other salon franchise opportunities.

Loreal salon franchise

Loreal salon doesn’t offer franchises but you can start a salon under their brand name and use their products in your salon. There are no loreal franchise outlets, and to start a loreal salon there is no need for any investment. Loreal will always aid your salon by providing training to your staff or even brand your salon. So what could be more beneficial than this?

Lakme salon franchise

Want to become a partner of Lakme Salon? Then let me tell you that the Lakme salon franchise costs a minimum of 50-60 lakh and also a land property of a minimum of 900 sq. ft. if you can afford to have both these criteria, then go for a Lakme salon franchise. 

Fitness should be the first mantra of life. You can lead a good life if you are a healthy and fit person. If you want to be a gym trainer, you can own a gym franchise. But you need relatively more investment and property to open a gym than a beauty salon.

Well established gym franchise costs a minimum of 40 lakhs which reaches up to few crores like a Fitness regiment which costs around 1-2crores, UFC GYM India which requires an investment of 2-5 crores. These are the best gym franchises to own if you can afford the huge amount.

Business entrepreneurs in every city across the globe are looking forward to investing in this lucrative fitness franchise since the majority of the population, mostly the youngsters are joining a gym to keep themselves in their best shape. So to open a gym franchise, go for the established gym franchise opportunities in India.

Want to have a prosperous business within a short period? Then buy beauty and health franchises of well-renowned brands which can give a boost to your business’ growth with a huge return on investment. Choose the location of your salon wisely and start your career in business soon.

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