Everything you need to know about Android 10

Android 10

One of the most popular operating systems we are using in our smartphone is Android. Developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance, it is primarily used for touchscreen smartphones. This operating system is highly loved by users and is greatly admired for its amazing user-interface. It all started in the year 2003 when Android Inc. was founded. The main aim of the founders was to develop a smart operating platform for digital cameras. Later, looking at the market size the company decided to switch this operating system for the development of cellphones. They were about to compete with Microsoft Windows Mobile and Symbian mobile operating system. And the rest is history.

Many versions of Android came up in the market starting from Android 1.0. Regular research, developments, and advancement in technology have led to rapid changes in each new version of Android. Each update & version of Android was loved and admired by its users. The latest Android version available in the market is Android 10. You will be delighted to know some of the interesting features of this 17th Android version.

Highlights of Android 10

Live Caption

This is the newest feature that you will see in Android 10. This feature allows you to create a real-time caption that will be created automatically with a single tap. It will occur with the help of on-device machine learning. The caption will appear automatically after detecting your speech. One important thing to notice is that it will not require internet connectivity.

The Dark Theme

Black is the new color. This theme which you will see on Android 10 will be very handy in saving your phone’s battery. Plus, it will also give a whole new look to the user interface. While using your phone in the dark, this theme will ease out strain from your eyes as well. So this is also the feature to check out in the latest Android version.

Sound Amplifier

Android 10 also has an amplifier for you to tune the music according to your preferences. It will let you filter background noise, fine-tuning, and boost sound. This feature will be a great help when you want to enjoy music while talking to someone or even when in a noisy area. Sound amplifier let you control what you hear from the surroundings.

Reply Smartly

This feature is pretty cool that will not only let you reply quickly but also save time while you are up with something important. Smart reply feature will give reply suggestions according to the message received and you can select the correct one to send. Here’s a lot more with this that you will experience.

Focus Mode

With this function, you can temporarily disable some applications that you don’t want to interrupt while working. Hence you can focus completely on your task without any distractions.

More Security and Privacy

The 17th version of Android will give a stronger hold about how your device’s information & data is shared. With this update, you will gain the authority to decide when, how, & to whom the data is shared. Not only this, Android 10 will receive faster & regular security updates.

Smart Navigation

Gesture navigation with this Android version is easier & smoother than before. This feature will allow quick navigation from one app to home or for opening Google assistant or even for looking at recent apps.

Foldable Compatibility

Few of the foldable devices that have launched in the market might not have got the attention they were looking for. But for the future’s perspective, the Android 10 version is super compatible with these kinds of devices plus 5G devices. You will experience a quick change in video size when you fold or open the device as per your convenience. Not only with videos, but this can also be experienced while playing your favorite game.

The Watchmen

With all amazing features, Android 10 also gives the authority to guardians about how they can monitor their family members. It will keep track of where they are with precise location & what they see on the phone and let you control how much time they can use it.

These are some of the key features you will experience with Android 10 plus many more that are not mentioned. Every Android update has something new & better and you’ll find the same here as well. This update will give you more control over how you use your phone and manage other things including your work. We hope that this post might have given you an idea about what Android 10 is all about and why everyone is crazy about it.

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