Getting all element attributes values in jQuery

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Here is little example of getting element attributes values with the help of jQuery and store them in an object.

The element’s attributes property is incredibly handy when we want to see what attributes are present in the element without explicitly knowing which to look for. The attributes property provides an easy level of dynamism.

Most of these attributes are available as DOM node properties through JavaScript.

Some of the more common properties are:

  • className
  • tagName
  • id
  • href
  • title
  • rel
  • src

jQuery provides an easy way to manipulate element attributes and access to the element so that we can change its properties also.

For example, we have following XML node:

 <item id="item_01" name="item name" image="image.jpg" />

So, if we use the following loop through all then we can get element attributes.

 var element = $("#item_01");
 var attributes = {};
 $.each(element.get(0).attributes, function(i, attrib){
 attributes[] = attrib.value;

So, after running the above snippet on the node we can get access the values on the attributes object we created like so:

 console.log( ) // item_01
 console.log( ) // item name
 console.log( attributes.image ) // image.jpg

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The attributes property contains them all.

 $('#item_01').each(function() {
 $.each(this.attributes, function() {
 if(this.specified) {
 console.log(, this.value);

In this way you can get all attributes of an element in jQuery.

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