Effective Tips to Hire the Best Full Stack Web & Mobile Application Developer

Full Stack Developer

If you are tired of looking for a great full-stack developer, mobile application developer, mobile game developer, etc then you are at the right page. Well, it’s not like all the good developers are hiding from your sight, you just need to change your perspective.

First thing first if you are using the same standard methods to hire the developers and other employees of the company, then you need to make changes in your hiring process. You can not hope to evaluate developers skills in an interview following standard procedures. They have different attributes and skillsets. For instance, a full stack developer must have detail knowledge of both front end and back end development. On the other hand, a mobile game developer or mobile developer must have command on at least one programming language and a cross-platform development framework, so, that he/she can effectively develop both iOS, Android applications. The point is that each developer has a different attribute on which they are required to be evaluated and thus hired.

Now, you might wonder how you can effectivize your hiring skills and strategy. Well, you don’t need to worry as in this blog we are going through the most effective tips to hire the best full-stack web and mobile application developer.

Understanding A Developers Portfolio

A developer portfolio is inside to his carrier whether he/she is a full stack developer, mobile application developer, mobile game developers, etc. Portfolio includes every important detail there is to know about him, like his specialization, previous big projects, etc. This way you can get to know about the quality of solutions he/she delivered to his previous clients. If your developer is a newbie and recently started then ask them to show their college projects. This will tell you all about the candidate’s overall character that is his creativity, programming potential, determination and aptitude of working hard.

Communication Skills

One the major problem with any developer is that most of them do not have an aptitude for communication. Make sure that your full stack and mobile application developer is able to properly communicate with others. It does not matter how good of a coder you are if you are not able to speak. In a company, a developer has to work and co-ordinate with other people in order to take down big projects. Lack of communication means the developer will not be able to work on big projects and is not suitable for working in such an environment.

Do your Research

Well if you are an owner of a small business, firm or even a startup and has zero technical knowledge. Well if you are someone who cannot tell the difference between a good full stack developer, mobile app developer, and mobile game developers. Then my friend we highly recommend you to do throw research before hiring process. If you interview someone without any technical knowledge then you might get stuck with a newbie and you will never know until its too late. So do your research study and prepare yourself for the interview as well.

Panel Of Advisors

Like we said before if you do not belong to a technical background then interviewing a developer is probably not the best idea. We advise you to formulate a panel of advisors for interviewing the potential developer you are going to hire. This way you will be able to judge the candidate to his full potential on the basis of the reviews your advisors provide you.

Project Testing

There is a thing with developers that you can not really judge them based on what they wear or look like. To properly evaluate their skills you have to see them in action and there is nothing better than making them work on a small project for your company. All the big companies like google, facebook, MicrosoftGoogleis all the time to test the skillset of their developers.

Now when you provide your candidate developer with a project you need to keep in mind the following things to test them

  • Time is taken by the developer in completing the project.
  • Efficiency and the complexity of the code
  • The way he interacted with the project leader other members of the group
  • Development platform he/she used.

So always test your developer before you hire them a lump sum of money.

Extremely Patient

Programming and software development can be fun and extremely frustrating at the same time. Well, its really fun until everything is going right, however, a simple mistake of even a single full stop is enough to generate an error. However, the thing is finding this one single error in thousands of lines of codes can really eat up all your day, sometimes even weeks. So it is extremely important that the developer is extremely patient.

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