Data Analytics Solutions: How to Choose the Right One For You

Data Analytics

Today’s fast-paced business world thrives on the new ways that technology provides insights and accurate business intelligence into demographic preferences. With analytics solutions for big data available to business users come the opportunity to foster deeper customer relationships and loyalty. In the modern world, obtaining those valuable insights through data trends and analytics solutions is largely a digital experience.

As machine learning and algorithm-based business intelligence platforms continue to present organizations with new opportunities for actionable insights and a competitive advantage, you may wonder just what analytics solutions might be best for your company and team members. Here, we will look at how to choose your ideal data analytics solution, as well as a few of the benefits it can bring to your workload and customer experience.

Predictive Analytics and Business Outcomes

When business users decide that it’s the right time to integrate an analytics solution into their workflow, the first question to address is what business outcomes they’re looking to achieve. Generally, this comes down to the industry. Proper data management in the hands of knowledgeable data scientists or analysts can provide all sorts of benefits. For example, data engineers can aid a manufacturing entity with analytics-based demographic research and outreach, as well as the actual design of new products.

In addition data analytics solutions can help create new business models within the service industry, such as organizations in financial services, independent investment managers, or even a pharmaceutical company and its healthcare affiliates. In that scenario, data models can be assembled for making better business decisions regarding marketing and online content, customer engagement, and customer feedback. What’s most valuable about the actionable insights an analytics solution provides (regardless of the industry integrating its functions) is that applied predictive analytics can be garnered for each stage of the development and marketing strategy. With all business processes in mind, this can positively affect a target demographic during every stage of a customer experience.

Data Science for Better Decisions

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When it comes to choosing an analytics platform to suit your individual needs, continue to ask yourself what use raw data can play in helping your overall workflow. If the research portion of your organization is largely dependent upon strategizing design and demographic outreach, a means of predictive analytics is a perfect fit for aiding both your asset managers and marketing team. If a correlated grouping of new data, compiled in real time, is of help during the actual product launch, then an advanced analytics software may be useful for itemizing individual use cases of customer feedback and specialized feedback. Simply put, however, comprehensive business intelligence ideally includes all forms of big data analytics for different stages of business processes.

The easiest way to integrate a specific data analytics solution into the proper area of workflow is to consider the origin of the data sources. Big data analytics obtain new data on a rolling, real time basis based on certain key sources. For example, social media profiles for both consumers and business entities, third-party feedback forums, influencer postings, and even individual consumer historic data all comprise the purest information that machine learning platforms and artificial intelligence algorithms will compute when creating statistics and analytics. With so many sources, the data quality may vary. However, the insights gained are equal in their potential importance. Those same online sources can be utilized by an organization for the restructuring of product design, marketing outreach, and, most importantly, post-launch feedback engagement. This final phase is, in essence, the strongest means of customized client feedback.

On that note, you may want to consider a platform for data visualization and prescriptive analytics, which can help strengthen the customer experience and overall brand loyalty. With smartly integrated data analytics as your guiding tool, you are not only in a unique position to create the best possible product to meet customer expectations, but also to understand your customer and their individual needs on a personal basis. Additionally, it would be smart to take a good Power BI training as well.

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