Cost Effective CDNs to Improve Website Performance

Cost Effective CDNs

Internet has paved way for increased customer-owner interaction and actually bridged the gap drastically between the two. Having a noteworthy, catchy and informative website are few of the key elements in attracting potential customers. In order to enable this reach seamlessly, Content Delivery Network has made accessibility easier.

Through this article we will understand more about CDNs and how does cheap CDN benefit you as an organization.

Why Content Delivery Network?

As the term suggests, CDN is a collection of servers,which are mirrored with static contents of the original web page. These servers or nodes are distributed across the globe to enhance your online presence without hampering the websites’ performance. This helps in the seamless establishment of a relationship between the end users and you. How is the entire process accomplished?

Understanding CDN

Content Delivery Network is the conjugation of PoPs and edge servers that effectively delivers the necessary contents to the end users. Edge servers save or cache the static contents of a web page to offer a prompt delivery.

PoPs or Points of Presence are the physical locations of the proxy or edge servers. These are distributed strategically to fulfill the demands of the people dwelling in various parts of the world. The architecture of CDN is designed according to the distribution and density of the edge servers and PoPs, respectively. However, it changes with the diversified demand of the businesses.

Why has CDN Gained Popularity?

A media-rich website never fails to attract a huge number of customers. However, it depletes the speed of delivery of the contents that add to the customer dissatisfaction. With CDN, you can successfully deliver the videos and animated formats to the clients without any performance issues. This not only helps convey the accurate tone of the business to the users but also seamlessly engages them. These attributes have contributed to the elevated acceptance of CDN, as it directly affects the business in the long run.

Advantages of Opting for CDN

The advent of the latest technologies has triggered the demand for CDN services as it successfully caters to the requirements. This has affected the remuneration structure of CDNs, making it easily available for small enterprises along with huge business houses. Being a business owner, you must look for cost-efficient options, even if they are cheap CDN to save on the stipulated budget. Efficient Content Delivery Networks will fetch greater outcomes that will directly contribute to the revenue of the business. Let us check the advantages offered by CDN:

  • Accessible across the world– With the nodes distributed across the globe, people get to access your website from any corner of the world. This enhances the perimeter of the business without any downtime. Live streaming, progressive downloading of videos, updating news, and more can be accessed with the help of CDN without any lag.
  • Scalability– Websites that deal with commerce and online marketing must be prepared to experience a sudden rush of traffic. CDN effectively tackles the traffic spike without any downtime.
  • Mediarich contents- Videos, games, streaming live matches, watching movies, social media networking, etc. have become a prime part of the entertainment. These can be enjoyed with complete satisfaction if the clients don’t experience any downtime. CDN makes sure your website enjoys up to 100% uptime with intensified satisfaction.
  • Zero downtime– CDN doesn’t let your website face a downtime as the nodes act as an individual proxy server. If the nearest node fails to deliver the necessary information, the request gets re-routed to another node residing closest to the user. This technique ensures your website is never down.
  • Consistent performance– Since the contents are distributed over multiple nodes, the rush of traffic doesn’t affect the performance of your website. The content gets delivered to the users exclusively, elevating the web page accessibility.
  • Customer Service– The service providers of CDN offer an overall assistance to make your web page exhibit a user-friendlyinterface. Encoding and transcoding assistance can also be enjoyed apart from an integrated site delivery.
  • Costeffective– CDN doesn’t demand payment for routing and hardware. CDN enables you to access international load balancing and global data centers for offering uninterrupted services.
  • Improved ranking– The primary challenge of any website is to attain higher ranking to elevate the visibility. Improved performance and nearly 100% uptime aids in improving the algorithm that ensures a prominent position in the search engines.

Enhancing Optimization with CDN

The prime target of a business must be to present informative and interactive contents to the clients.After designing the same, the website optimization efforts must be elevated to procure the most from it. This improves the speed of the vital elements of a website which are images, CSS, file formats, and more. This adds to seamless access of the contents and increasesearning of the business.

Since people prefer accomplishing activities on the go, nothing can beat the advantages offered by the hand held devices. Latency is the key factor that can deplete the satisfaction and vice versa. CDN is a strong strategy that plays an important role in depleting the latency and elevating user experience.

The prices of CDN vary from one service provider to the other. This sums to the confusion regarding the selection of an appropriate service provider. Check the services offered by to make your web page stand above the others. It doesn’t have hidden charges and offers technical assistance round the clock. It is preferred by most of the enterprises as it charges only for the bytes spent rather than cumulative remuneration.


CDN or Content Delivery Network is the finest way to gain scalability in exchange for reasonable pricing. A versed service provider will never offer cheap CDN with weakened features but will elevate the experience with individual pricing. The configuration of the number of PoPs, bandwidth, and edge servers helps decide the pricingof the CDN solution.

It is necessary to invest smartly in the CDNs as it is the key to create a positive impression and increase the revenue of your business. Therefore, don’t settle for the cheap options and look for cost-effective CDNs to get the most from it.

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