10 Convenient and Well-Paid Jobs for Women

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Modern women have the capability and competence to take any job in the world. We see them as astronauts, pilots, scientists, researchers, and what not! Women love jobs, which are more related to their passion. They are instinctive and emotional and they put their heart into what they love. But practically speaking, all jobs are not equal. You may have Spectrum Internet availability and you may check the lists of various jobs and their pay scales. So what did you realize? Yes, jobs vary when it comes to convenience and salaries. And at the end of the day, money does matter!

All you need to do is to make better research. And you will find many jobs, which offer a fine mosaic of better promotion opportunities, good salary, job security, and a pleasantly manageable balance of the work and life. In many fields, women have managed to make a high percentage of the workforce. While they are earning a competitive salary. For women who are seeking useful career advice, tag along to explore a list of best-paying jobs.

Top 10 Best-Paid Jobs for Women this Year

  1. General Physician
  2. Event Planner
  3. Attorney/Lawyer
  4. Public Relations Specialist
  5. Nursing
  6. Optometrist
  7. Computer Programmer
  8. CPR Instructor
  9. Pharmacist
  10. Compensation Manager

Let’s know them better!

General Physician

Also called a General Practitioner, a generalist or GP, a physician hasn’t specialized in a specific branch of medicine. For routine checkups of healthcare, people rely on physicians. Their responsibility includes procedures like general examinations, immunizations, assessments, and treatment of various illnesses, injuries, and conditions. Without a doubt, it is a highly paid and noble occupation. The annual salary is around $189,000.

Event Planner

If you have good aesthetic and organizational skills, event planning is a good occupation to consider. Companies and individuals will hire you to plan their events. Their high-quality services are up to the required standard hence making them ideal for any events & entertainment jobs for your project. Women have an instinctive knack for décor. And taking it as a profession is not just entertaining but also well paid. Women have an instinctive knack for décor. And taking it as a profession is not just entertaining but also well paid. You can expand your business and start your own even planning setup. Taking a course in event management is a good idea. You can even take these courses at home. Event planners are earning between a ranges of $27,318 to $55,961.


Females make up around 45% of the total number of attorneys. With $81,112 per year, it seems to be a decent career choice. You need to pass your state’s bar examination. And then you can represent your clients in legal disputes. You can provide legal advice to individuals as well as corporate clients.

Public Relations Specialist

As a public relations specialist, you need to have a lot of finesses when it comes to producing and distributing communication materials. They are needed to promote as well as uphold the client’s image. And women have a knack for this job. And they can earn as much as $67,990 annually.


You must have seen dozens of nurses in the hospitals and doctor’s offices. Nurses are becoming a fast-growing community. In the United States alone, nurses have surpassed 3.0 million in number. The job opportunities are also massive. From elder care to child wards to oncology, nurses are needed everywhere. The types and number of nursing degrees are also many. You can make around $91,000 annually as a nurse!


Doctors of Optometry or O.Ds are the examiners of the eyes. The diagnosis and treatment of various eye disorders and correcting the eyesight are the responsibilities of an Optometrist. You can make a staggering amount of almost $101,000 annually.

Computer Programmer

Computer programming has a lot of potential for women. The basic level programmers are supposed to debug, maintain, rewrite, test and retest various software programs, and so on. They are responsible for storing and retrieving data. You can earn around $82,240 annually as a computer programmer.

CPR Instructor

As a CPR instructor, you will be holding teaching and demonstration sessions in medical classrooms and teaching units. For women, it is a good job. You can earn as much as $120,907 a year.  


Pharmacists work for drugstores, pharmacies or medical clinics. It involves direct dealing with patients and giving drugs to them on prescriptions. You need to be extra conscious and attentive in scrutinizing the prescription details. As any carelessness can cause disasters. Pharmacists earn almost $111,000 annually.

Compensation Manager

A compensation manager earns above $97,572 annually. Not bad! In this job, you will have direct dealing with the payroll of the company. You will have to perform your role in enlightening employees about compensation programs. This includes various insurances, benefits, and packages. You have to tell them about what they can get. And if they are authorized for health insurance, house rents, and paid subscriptions to one of the Spectrum Internet offers. The job is not very difficult and you get to earn well.

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