Tips to crack govt job exams without coaching


It is undoubtedly true that government jobs have lots of benefits and advantages over any other job. Government jobs always attract youngsters and job seekers having a private job or not having any job. A government job does not only provide job security but a handsome salary package along with lots of benefits. As everyone wants job security with a good salary package, for this, you have to crack the government job exam to be an employee in the government sector. Well, an exam can easily be qualified with your hard work, full proof planning and smart study methods. Hence, in this article, we have tried to solve all your doubts and questions about how to prepare for the government exam. Here I am discussing tips to crack govt job exams without coaching.

Understand Syllabus & Pattern

The syllabus and the exam pattern varies to post and department. There are many posts and departments in the government sector. So first choose the department and post which you want to achieve then go through their syllabus and exam pattern. After that go through the exam notification by the government and department for the latest syllabus and exam pattern which they give you along with job and exam notification. You must be aware of the topics to be studied in any subject.

Right Resources & Study Material

To crack the government exam, you have to opt for the right sources to study and guidance. You must focus on quality, not quantity. Go through standard competitive exam books with the latest pattern, multiple times. Please remember, these exams are tests of your knowledge and not theory. So read and understand your study material properly. If you need any help regarding this many sites are available on the internet. They are providing free online streaming classes, study materials, and doubt sessions. You can learn and understand online also. The most important thing in your study material is you need to have sample papers and previous year’s papers, it helps you to study in a proper pattern.

Daily Schedule & Proper Routine

If you are doing self-study then you have to make a proper routine plan and timetable for study. So it is very important to have a fixed time table or fixed routine plan, and more important is to follow it without fail. Keep track of your preparation at all times.

Weekly & Monthly Targets

If you are studying on your own, then you have to fix your monthly & weekly targets, and the most important is to achieve them. Because if you are studying in the coaching centre, they fixed their targets of the syllabus to complete in a fixed time. So you have to fix weekly and monthly targets so that you prepare the entire syllabus on time. You have to make sure that you have small and achievable targets. After achieving, the targets, calculate your success rate also every week. These achievable targets will help you to crack your government exam easily.

Revision & Practice

Practice makes the man perfect. So revision and practice is the most important key to your government exam preparations. It is not possible to remember everything by studying once for anybody. So do multiple revisions, multiple practices will be effective for you to remember. So one more thing to follow is to make notes side by side with your study plan. Notes also help us for revision of the entire syllabus before the exam. So whether you are reading books, taking online classes, using study material, don’t forget to make notes.

Avoid Distractions

While preparing there might come some distractions which one has to avoid. During preparation stay away from distraction which will affect your studies. Some of the distractions are scrolling through social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more, chat with friends for hours, streaming OTT platforms like Netflix, amazon prime, youtube, and many more, hangouts with friends, etc. If you are doing such activities daily, then you need to stay away from them. Instead of this, you can positively take these distractions like use social media for getting in touch with students who are also preparing for government exams and discussing important topics and clearing your doubts. Youtube can be used for your studies because there are lots of channels providing you with guidance and coaching for the exam. Instead of day streaming of the OTT platform utilize time to read newspapers and novels which will help you.

Take Proper Sleep & Rest

Studying alone might be distressing and exhausting at times and if you are not able to crack the exam multiple times, it turns into even more stressful and upsetting. Find the ways to de-stress yourself, so that you can relax. It will freshen you up and you will have the option to hold things better. Make sure your sleep is for 8-9 hours a day because 8-9 hours of sleep is necessary for the human body. So without a healthy mind, everything which you studied or learned will be of no use and you will not be able to concentrate properly on your studies. So don’t sacrifice your health and sleep during preparation.

Be Calm, Stay Positive and Self Motivated

It is very important to remain positive and calm all the time to achieve your goals. So don’t overthink about your studies, exams and results. If you are enjoying the preparation phase then you will achieve your goals easily. Staying self-motivated, confident, focused, and have patience is the key to crack any examination. Keep your goal in mind and stay focused on your aim. Remember, a hassle mind wouldn’t help you. So be calm, stay focused, motivated and work hard to crack your goal of government job exam.

I hope these methods will be helpful to you for your preparation for the government job exam without any coaching.

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