9 College Tips from Senior Students: How to Choose an Editing Service

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A good academic paper is one that is not only well-written but also thoroughly proofread and edited. There is no chance that your essay will get a nice grade if it contains typos, spelling issues, and grammar errors.  Today you can turn to an online essay writer to help you write your essay. The chances that you’ll write a flawless essay from scratch without proofreading it are low.

Why take this risk? Editing and proofreading won’t take much of your time. Moreover, there is a much online essay editing service that can polish such critical writing assignments as a dissertation or term paper. If you wonder how to choose the right company, we are here to help you.

Proofreading It Yourself?

For sure, you can be an editor of your paper. All you need to do is to use such tools as Grammarly, Hemingway, and so on. Check your paper for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other types of mistakes. Analyze whether it meets the stylistic requirements. Read your instructions once again if you have any.

Such editing and proofreading should be done by everyone who is somehow involved in writing. If you feel that these procedures still did not sophisticate your text the way you expected, you may indeed be in need of a professional editor.

Consider Your Budget

Based on how often you need editing services and how much money you are willing to spend, you can decide what service fits you. 

If you know that you’ll need this service quite often and you have a particular budget, you can try to develop a working relationship with a certain company and get a discount.

If you need editing services from time to time, you are more flexible in your choice. You can choose the service with a great reputation and moderate prices or opt for a cheaper one at your own risk.

Think About the Type of Document to Be Edited

The choice of editing services depends on the type of document you need to improve. Some companies offer limited editing services. For example, you can place an academic paper for proofreading, but it is impossible to edit a book or a business document with it.

At the same time, there are companies that provide universal editing services. They accept a broad range of documents from niche-specific ones to book manuscripts and dissertations. 

A well-established professional editing service will try to please all populations of clients irrespective of their document types.

Analyze What Type of Editing You Want

When you choose the right company to edit your paper, consider how much editing you really need. For example, do you want the whole text to be edited and rewritten, or do you want it to be left with the editor’s comments and suggested improvements?

You should set your editing goals and make them clear for the company. If you require a specific type of editing, this should also be negotiated before you actually pay for your order.

Inquire About the Editing Team

Many editing services have professional teams whose members have great credentials and expertise. Still, many types of documents require editors with certain skills and competencies.

If you have something important to edit, a reputable editing service will let you choose the right person to do the job. If you need a one-time service, choosing a professional may not be so critical. 

The company can assign an editor randomly. However, of course, all writing staff should have a proper qualification.

Check Customer Feedback

The Internet has lots of independent platforms where customers leave their reviews on products or services. Reddit is one of the most well-known, but there are also others.

Before placing your order with any editing service, do bother to find customer feedback on its quality. Do not blindly trust reviews from the website since they publish the best ones only. Look for credible information and be critical when choosing an editing service.

Negotiate a Deadline

No online order should be placed with an undefined deadline. The same applies to editing. You must negotiate the scope of work and its duration before you pay your money. If you want a quick turnaround, be ready to pay more. If you are okay with waiting, your editor still needs to have specified timeframes.

A reputable editing service is usually characterized by timely submission. There can be some incidents when an editor is late, but late orders should not exceed 1-2% of all orders in total. Otherwise, you risk never seeing your paper edited. The information about lateness you can also find online by reading customer reviews.

Seek High Quality

If you look for a reliable partner to do professional editing, investigate customer reviews and feedback on quality. It really matters what clients write about the service as the quality is the only parameter that matters.

If there are too many comments with disappointed and dissatisfied customers, you definitely do not need this service. No matter the price. 

However, if the service you choose costs above average, but people are excited about the quality, you may consider paying a slightly higher price than first expected.

Double Check the Price

Do not trust super high discounts and promo offers if you want to get a quality service. Professional editors do not work for free. Their work is usually hard and demanding; thus, your order can’t be cheap.

Inquire about the ordinary price for such services. Then, aim to find companies with prices slightly above average. This should be your list to choose from.

Final Words

Professional editing services are in demand. Students, writers, business owners, and even lawyers need someone to edit their papers, books, journal articles, and other documents.

However, the quality of these services differs and so does the price. This industry has fierce competition, but only a few players with the best reviews and great feedback. All you need to do is to set your goals, define your budget, and research the market.

You can edit and proofread your paper on your own. When you decide to pay a professional, you need someone with expertise to look through your paper and assess it critically. Therefore, invest some of your time not to get disappointed.

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