What are WYSIWYG editors?


Nowadays, everyone knows the advantages of using online text editors. Working together with other people from any place you want and at any time you want never was that easy. In the same way work HTML editors, which are really great in creating web pages. But not all online text editors are good and not all have every needed option. How do you know, that collaborative real-time editor is the best one?

  1. How do you find a rich text editor?
  2. What is a WYSIWYG Editor?
  3. How do you use WYSIWYG HTML Editor?

Which one of HTML editors is the best one? Let’s find out.

How do you find a rich text editor?

It is true that not all WYSIWYG HTML editors are the same. Sometimes you can find better options or possibilities, and sometimes you can even don’t know that you are currently using not the best version. You can just look for a random web editor, or you can start using WYSIWYG HTML Editor, which is one of the best editors that you can find on the Internet. This code editor is really easy to use, and you can work in it with other people at the same time. Also, it is trusted by the best and biggest companies in the world, like Microsoft, Phillips, Volvo or Disney and many others. Your documents can be commented on by your coworkers, and you can track your work. With this tool, your work can be easy and fast.

What is a WYSIWYG Editor?

WYSIWYG editor is an editor that is working in a particular way. WYSIWYG is an acronym for the words “what you see is what you get”, and this is the best description of it. For example, if you create an HTML page in a WYSIWYG editor, you can make changes as you would in a typical text editor, and everything will be converted into valid HTML code. It is a great way to work. Also,you can work with other people at the same time. It is an amazing way to work fast and to be productive with your coworkers or friends. WYSIWYG editor is also often called a rich text editor.

How do you use WYSIWYG HTML Editor?

Using HTML editor is really easy. You can save your files in a custom output format as well as normal. Your work can be commented on by your coworkers, so you can correct your mistakes fast and easy. Also, WYSIWYG HTML editor allows you to create really beautiful files in an intuitive way. It is really important that it looks really similar to all the other popular text editors, and that’s why you can learn everything fast. Using this type of HTML editor is easy for everyone. User interface is excellent.

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