Can you take classes to learn how to DJ?

how to DJ

Like most career paths nowadays, one can gain DJing skills online or from their friends.  At the end of the day, it is all about the skill set. However, like all other careers paths where one can pursue skills online, people still take classes. This means that there is still a place for taking classes in the DJing world.  Just to make things clearer for you and help you make a decision on whether to take DJ classes or not, here are the pros and cons to consider. This will help you make an informed decision on whether or not to invest in taking a DJ class, learn online or from friends.

Merits of taking classes to learn how to DJ

1. It’s more structured

When learning by yourself, you are forced to put together pieces of information from different sources. This is unlike in a structured class where you get all your information from one authority.  The advantage of getting information from a single authority is that you learn faster. That’s because, you have an easy point of reference, in case you have any difficulties in your learning process. It’s easier since you pay someone for this service, and you can ask them whatever questions you have, and get a definitive answer.

2. It’s a mentorship opportunity

There is a lot more to DJing than just gaining the technical skills.  To succeed, one also needs networks and the right equipment. These can’t easily be attained through self-training.  To get the right networks that can land you jobs, you need a mentor in DJing, and these mostly come through structured learning environments. The same goes for getting the right equipment. It is through DJ classes that you can learn how to get the right equipment, and use them properly. For instance, while a company like has great DJ equipment, you would probably learn more about the equipment by taking structured classes. DJ finance equipment will ensure that you have equipment that you need for performing.

Merits of learning by yourself

1. It’s free

Learning about DJing by yourself has its own merits. One of them is cost. Unlike paid classes where you have to spend to learn, self-learning gives you great skills, without having to spend a dime.

2. It’s more versatile

While learning through classes is great, it is not as versatile as learning by yourself. By teaching yourself, you get knowledge from any source that you choose. It may take some time and a great deal of practice but in time you will feel that much more accomplished because you taught yourself how to be a DJ.

3. It brings out your passion

Self-learning is one of the best ways to prove to yourself that you are passionate about any career, including being a DJ.  This passion can play a role in driving up the speed of understanding DJ concepts.

4. Verdict

Clearly, both options have their advantages.  However, taking classes could be more advantageous. That’s because, the most important aspects to being a DJ is getting the technical skills, and establishing the right network for the job. This makes taking DJ classes from a well-established institution a strategic move for anyone looking to have success.

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