Build Your Email List and Grow Your Business with Lead Quizzes

Build Your Email List

It is famously said ‘money is in the list’ and as a business owner or digital marketer working on your client’s project you would constantly be looking out for new ways to build your mailing list. Traditionally most businesses would use their static forms on their websites to build email lists. Though rewarding this strategy has its own limits. These static forms would only attract users who are interested in the brand’s products and services. The reason being simple – there is hardly any incentive for an average user to become part of your email list. This is where lead quizzes can help you grow your email list exponentially and create more opportunities for your business.

Email Marketing – A Powerful Tool

The importance of email marketing can be gauged from a Direct Marketing Association study conducted few months back. Here 95% businesses and marketers rated it between important and very important. From customer retention to increasing sales, email marketing is being used actively by businesses across industries and verticals. Marketers who have used lead quizzes to grow their email lists have seen 500% increases in their email list. It is estimated that email marketing enjoys 30:1 success ratio wherein every 30th email sent results in sales. Imagine the opportunity lead quizzes can create when you are able to grow your email list fivefold.

What Are Lead Quizzes?

As the name suggests these are quizzes that help you in generating leads. Quizzes are floating all around the Internet. They are popular as a marketing tool as they easily engage your users. Even casual visitors to your website or social media handles are more likely to participate in a quiz than read through your paragraphs of text or subscribe to your newsletter at the bottom of the page. You can attract them to the quiz by offering incentives such as discount coupons, free subscriptions, discounted consultations etc.

Lead Quizzes Types

Lead quizzes are broadly classified into two categories Knowledge Quizzes and Personality Quizzes.

Lead Quizzes

Knowledge Quiz   

These are popular and have high engagement quotient. You have a question and a set of answers. Users choose an answer before moving to the next and you let them know if their choice was correct.  At the end of the quiz you show them their success score and offer incentives based on it. Let’s understand this with an example. If you offer PC repair services you can create questions such as –

What is the full form of RAM? 

  1. Random Access Memory
  2. Random Activated Memory
  3. Random Algorithm Memory

Which Operating System Never Came Out?

  1. Windows 95
  2. Windows 98
  3. Windows 92

You can frame similar questions and based on the success score you can offer discount on your services. Ask for the email to send the discount coupon and you will add to your list.

map quiz

Personality Quiz   

These types of lead quizzes are generally preferred by the marketers. They not only help in generating leads but also offer an insight into the leads. The format for personality quizzes are similar to knowledge quizzes with the only difference being that no answer is incorrect and the user would choose one based on his likes, beliefs and personality traits. Since there is no success score user segmentation is done using outcomes.

Personality Quiz

For example if you sell holiday packages you can start a personality based lead quizzes in the following way –

You can start with three outcomes 

  1. User would like to visit mountains
  2. User would like to visit coastal region
  3. User would like to visit city with active nightlife

The questions can follow:

If given a choice where would you like to be? 

  1. Mount Elbrus
  2. Gold Coast
  3. Las Vegas

What is your ideal definition of a vacation? 

  1. Adventure
  2. Sunbathing
  3. Partying

There is a clear link between the outcomes and the questions we have created here. After a series of questions you will be able to match outcome with the user’s personality. For instance users who choose (a) maximum number of times are likely looking for Outcome 1. Once you have segregated them based on the outcome you can offer them relevant holiday packages. Ask them to share their email and you can send them discount offers and tailored holiday packages.

Tips To Create Rewarding Personality Quizzes 

  • You need to be careful with the number of questions especially in case of personality quizzes. If they are too less you can’t arrive at the right outcomes and too many will bore the users. 10-15 questions would be ideal
  • Step into the shoes of the audience and see if there is incentive for them. If at the start of the quiz you tell them there is a surprise at the end of it, they would be more encouraged to participate in it.
  • Make the quiz lighthearted as this helps in engaging the audience more. Allow them to share the results on the social handles and can spread your quiz on a larger scale.

Lead quizzes are a wonderful way to grow your email list and provide you wonderful insights into your potential customers. When used creatively they let you increase sales and grow your business.

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