Buckeye, Arizona Homeowners: How to Sell Your Home with a Pool


If you live in Buckeye or any suburb of Phoenix, having a home with a pool is indeed  a selling feature, provided you create the right impression. In this case, you need to keep the pool regularly maintained and note any warning signs, such as cracks, that warn of structural damage.

An inground pool increases a home’s selling price by almost 8%, especially in a warm climate, such as Arizona. Moreover, if the surrounding landscape is pristine, the value of a home spikes up to 10%. So, a house that features a pool and nicely landscaped yard is often hard for buyers to ignore.

Therefore, Buckeye homes for sale with pool, deck, and landscaping upgrades sell for more than other homes when they are free of problems, such as structural issues or overhanging branches or dead trees. A home with these amenities creates a pleasant, resort-type atmosphere. Therefore, you need to make sure everything looks great and is in good repair.

Use the Services of a Professional Pool Cleaner

If your house features a pool, the sale of your house should go smoothly if your pool and yard are well-maintained and you perform a regular pool cleaning weekly. After all, it does you little good to sell a house with a pool that is cluttered with leaves or is not sparkling and clean. While your home is listed, have a professional cleaner maintain the pool each week so it looks its best.

Keep Your Pool’s Maintenance Paperwork

If you see any maintenance issues, you need to have them repaired. Also, keep all the paperwork related to your pool’s maintenance so you can show potential buyers that the pool received regular upkeep.

Look for Cracks

The biggest repair problems related to pool maintenance result from cracks. While cracks develop from wear-and-tear, they may also form because of a foundation issue. A crack that creates a spider-like web creates less of a concern than a crack that splits or spans over the bottom of a pool or climbs up a pool’s wall.

Sometimes a structural crack will form horizontally at the line of a tile – an indication that a leak is affecting the hold of the metal bars that support the pool,If you see rust on the pool’s bottom, the pool may need replastering, or if a the concrete is cracked or the water line is uneven, you may need to make a major repair.

Smaller repairs cost about $6,000 to $15,000 while the cost of rebuilding a pool can leap to around $40,000. Therefore, it pays–literally–to have your pool regularly inspected and maintained, and to keep the paperwork. By performing due diligence, you can avoid major repairs – repairs that need to be made if you want to avoid delays in selling your house.

Highlight Safety Features

Local building codes usually dictate that the pool owners keep their pool fenced or walled, on three sides for safety. The house serves to complete the enclosure..

However, it is generally recommended by safety experts to install a fence on all four sides that is at least five feet high or taller. The gates should feature self-latching locks to keep children from opening them and getting into the pool area.

Sell Your Home in the Summer

Homes with pools sell faster in the summer because of the high temperatures. While you can sell your home and pool anytime, summer is the ideal time to speed up the sales process.

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