Boost Your Productivity: 5 Microsoft Outlook Tips for the Sensible Business Owner

Microsoft Outlook Tips

If you want to optimize your company’s potential, you should consider using Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular information management and email software that is used by many businesses.

As a business owner, you know the importance of boosting productivity. Microsoft Outlook is one of the best applications for boosting productivity.

So how do you use it? And what are the Microsoft Outlook tips for optimizing the software to its fullest potential?

The Best Microsoft Outlook Tips

If you adopt Microsoft Outlook, you’ll see how easily you can increase your productivity. It is one of the most efficient ways to do so.

Follow these great tips to get the most out of Microsoft Outlook.

1. Organize Important and Unimportant Emails

Among your emails, some will be very important and require immediate attention. Others can be held off or ignored altogether.

We suggest creating three folders to organize these emails. Create one that will store your urgent emails that require an immediate response. You want to then put emails that are not urgent in a second folder. Emails that can be ignored or are of no consequence can be kept in the third folder.

2. Integrate with Other Apps

As Microsoft Outlook is cloud-based, it can integrate with other apps – such as the Mailchimp Outlook integration or the Outlook time tracking.

By integrating with other apps, you will be able to optimize your use of Outlook and your other apps together. For example, if you wanted to create a spreadsheet of all your emails, the simple integration of Outlook and Excel would be far more efficient than doing it manually.

We encourage you to explore your options by integrating Outlook with your other cloud-based applications.

3. Clean Up

If your email inbox begins to overwhelm you, it is time for a Clean-Up. One of the best tips is to use the Clean Up function.

This will automatically delete all your emails in one go. If you organized your emails as we suggested, you will be able to only delete emails that are of no importance, while preserving the ones that do matter.

The Clean Up function is quick and saves you a lot of time by not having to delete emails gradually.

4. Sorting

You can create Outlook rules to seamlessly sort your emails.

You can create rules that move emails from a specific sender to a specific folder. So if you receive an email from your boss – it will automatically migrate to the Urgent folder.

If you receive a trivial email like the “joke of the day” you can create a rule that these emails are automatically moved or even deleted based on the subject line or the content in the email.

5. Talk to You

You can use Microsoft’s Cortana assistant to have Outlook talk to you.

This will help you continue your workflow without interruption. You can have Cortana inform you of a new email in your inbox. You can then request Cortana to read that email to you so you can continue working while getting the information from the email.

You can also request Cortana to respond to the email, move it to a folder, or delete it – among other functions.

A Great Outlook

Now that you know these great Microsoft Outlook tips, you are ready to optimize your business and boost your productivity.

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