Social Media Marketing Strategy To Boost Ecommerce – Traffic?

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Platforms have become an essential medium for brands than ever before to increase their sales. Today, social platforms have evolved into more of a marketing medium due to their whooping user base. Until a few years ago, social platforms were considered to be the place for teens and people in their twenties. But with time, today, people of all age ranges are using social platforms. A recent survey revealed that 3.8 billion people are using social media. The whopping figure is only going to rise further in the coming years. Thus, every product will have its customers on the social platform. You can also garner your target audience on social platforms with services like Trollishly. Hence, if you implement a stellar social media strategy, you can level-up your business and maximize your conversion rate. 

Collaborate With Influencers:

Influencer marketing is witnessing a rapid rise for the past few years as more and more brands are increasingly collaborating with influencers to enhance their brand reach. The major reason for brands giving prominent importance to influencers is because they have gained the trust of people. Today, the posts of the influencers are the one that performs better on social platforms and has higher engagement. Many influencers ideate concepts from the day-to-day life of common people. For instance, we can see an increasing number of videos on social platforms revolving around Working from home at this quarantine time. Influencers take such concepts in hands and amplify them in an intriguing manner. Thus, influencers are one way or the other connected with our daily lives and have gained our trust.

1. Gain Trust Of People At Ease:

A brand can drive its prospects to buy its product only if it manages to gain their trust. People won’t just randomly buy a product. They will take action only after they get convinced that a product is worth buying. Since many influencers already have a good reputation among people, promoting your brand through influencers will ease the process of gaining the trust of people. Even global brands are joining hands with influencers for brand promotions.  

 2. Choose Influencers Wisely:

When it comes to choosing an influencer, go with the one whose personality aligns with your brand. For instance, if you are about to promote an energy drink, go with any athlete who has a considerable following. There are people who have grabbed the attention of people on social platforms by flaunting their acrobatic skills. Most probably, many of their followers will be sports enthusiasts. So, choosing such influencers will help you in taking your product to your target audience at ease. 

Promote Your Product With Videos:

Video consumption is increasing at a rapid pace as Millenials, and Generation Z prefer watching videos rather than any other form of content. 60% of Gen Z spend the majority of their time on social platforms by watching videos. Both Facebook and Instagram have become more of a video-centric platform with separate sections dedicated to videos. The majority of the social applications that witnessed a rapid spike in its user base were video-centric. It is predicted that by 2025, 90% of online content will be in the form of videos. So, going with videos to promote your products on social platforms will avail of enormous benefit to you.

Many people who carry out online shopping have opined that the inability to touch and have a physical experience with a product is the lagging factor for them. Videos can be used as an effective medium to bridge this gap as they are capable of providing more lively experience to the audience. There are multiple video editing software available on the internet using which you can amplify the product you showcase in the video. People can easily engage with video content rather than any other form of content. Moreover, videos can be utilized as an effective medium to demystify everything in an intriguing manner that could be explained in a large chunk of texts. Make your promotional videos revolving around the unique characteristics and advantages of your product. There are several forms of videos that are becoming popular on social platforms. Some of them include: 

  • 360-degree Videos
  • Time Lapse Videos
  • Stop Motion Videos
  • Live Videos

Leverage Data The Best Possible Way: 

Make use of the data you retrieve about your target effectively in framing your social media strategy. Take note of various features, such as the kind of posts your target audience interacts with most, the posts that have received enormous reach, and the time when your target audience is most active. Try to find out the factors with which your target audience engages easily. Frame your social media posts around it so that you could easily connect with them.

1. Smart Targeting: 

Social platforms like Facebook give multiple options to marketers to capitalize on user data. You can make use of these features to segregate your target audience and launch separate ads for every group. Facebook offers multiple targeting options based on interests, demographics, location, and device type so that you can frame and launch more relevant ads. Moreover, it also gives options like custom audiences and lookalike audiences. These features help you in sending more relevant ads that match with the interest of your audience and maximize your conversion rate.  

2. Dynamic-Product Ads: 

Every marketer should take advantage of the dynamic-product ads, which will help in increasing your sales count. For instance, let us assume that a  person has landed on your website and left without purchasing a product after viewing it. Though you are unaware of the reason that made him leave without making the purchase, you can give another shot to make him buy your product. Because he has viewed the product as there is a need for it. With dynamic ads feature, you can retarget these prospects and launch ads. So, the next time when he logs in to any of his social media handles, your product ad will display in his feed. You can also customize your ad based on the data that you have retrieved about the prospect. Following such measures will maximize your return on investment. 

Build Bond With Customers Using Chatbots: 

Chatbots are gradually gaining an inevitable role in social media marketing due to their multitude of benefits and their fast performing ability. Today, brands are giving huge importance to conversational marketing. They feel that interacting with the customers will help them in having a much better understanding of their interests, requirements, and nature. The inception of chatbots has facilitated the process of building a meaningful conversation with prospects. For instance, if a person has any query on the product that he had viewed on your Facebook page, he will shoot out a question. This is where you could understand the importance of chatbots.

The chatbot you have integrated with the Facebook Messenger will drop in welcome messages and carry out some ‘primary conversations’ with the customer. If the query seems to be unsolvable for the chatbot, it will direct the person to the customer support. In the meantime, simultaneously, the chatbot will collect the basic information, purchasing pattern, and activities of the customer. Therefore, you will come to know about the customer and could build a meaningful conversation with him. Many brands, including H&M and Domino’s Pizza, have integrated their chatbots with Messenger. Facebook Messenger alone has 1.3 billion users globally. So, create a chatbot and incorporate it to Messenger as part of your social media strategy.

Bottom Line: 

According to a recent survey, by 2023, top brands will have 80% of their sales through social platforms. The same goes for start-ups and small businesses, as people are more likely to buy the product they view on social platforms. Social platforms play a vital role in the purchasing decisions of people. So, the way you promote your product on social platforms decides the future of your business. Create a stellar strategy by making use of the tips that are given above and maximize your sales.

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