What is the Future of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence

Technology, undeniably, has made our lives easier. But the advent of artificial intelligence has been a game changer, just look at how Alexa and other smart apps have seeped into our lives with such ease. We get accustomed to them without even realizing.

AI is booming and it’ll most likely affect our future in drastic ways since it’s now gradually turning into a very necessary part of our lives. From households to companies to factories, people have turned reliant and dependent on this technology. It’s everywhere and everyone is using this in some way or the other. As Wikipedia says, artificial intelligence performs functions of learning and problem solving which is one of the reasons why it’s been so easy to adapt it.

AI has had a huge hand in saving a lot of valuable resources and time for business. It’s used in forming predictions by applying advanced algorithms. It helps in creating fewer chances of accidents and losses for the company making it more efficient thus reducing manufacturing malfunctions. They help in continuously maintaining machinery and manufacturing processes.

We’re already seeing driverless vehicles out on the roads around the world. Artificial Intelligence has changed the transportation and vehicle industry while creating advanced technology to benefit people.

Another advantage artificial intelligence provides humans are that all the monotonous and routine work is done by machines. This trend is increasing everywhere as robotic process is becoming automated and widespread. This way a lot of time can be saved and important tasks can be given more attention. This also reduces labor costs and chances of error.

Artificial Intelligence helps to create a simpler, fast and efficient work environment and one in which humans can focus on utilizing their potential more. Artificial Intelligence has universal usage and connects everyone to bring in ideas to develop and further aid in the advancement of technology. Artificial Intelligence, in a way, creates a domino effect. So it’s not fixated to one industry or sector but is and can be responsible for the creation of multiple new inventions which can provide huge benefits to mankind such as in the medical sector. This will enhance if AI and robotics merge together.

Artificial Intelligence has been integrated mobile phones and other devices to ease transactions and provide smoother service. Facial recognition is a quick way to get things done and saves so much time especially in this fast paced world. It’ll also be a huge asset to the banking sector as millions of transactions can be performed every day.

Artificial intelligence can also be seen as taking on managerial positions in companies because they can swiftly target any error and properly allocate talent to where it’s suitable. Even in human resources and other departments, artificial intelligence can do the job well without any biases to which humans are prone to. So needless to say, AI will have a huge hand in business and the way they deal with transactions, people and processes.

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The future of artificial intelligence is a fascinating and it’ll be interesting to see how it changes the world with the pace it’s going at right now. Debates around this topic have been happening for years now. Some say robots will completely replace human which is partly true right now while some say there will be a rise in human dependency in this industry. Either ways it’s safe to say that no one is quite sure where this technology will take us and how far we’ll go. We can only wait and watch!

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