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Reigning as the largest social media network, Facebook is used widely across the internet. Netizens spend an average of 50 minutes a day on Facebook.

It has massive marketing opportunities for businesses looking to boost their reach. At the time, when Facebook applied its latest algorithm, the chances of your published content reach your targeted audiences dipped. It places users’ most searched content at the top of their feeds. Plus, your goal must not be to beat a machine, but to increase your odds of winning your place into those exclusive feeds.

Surely, with all the time invested on a single network, your brand has chances to reach its audience. Following are tried-and-tested and best practices for Facebook marketing which will really help you to take your brand from nowhere to everywhere – timely and effectively.

1 – Create Short and Specific Posts

Succinct and expressive content is sure short way to succeed on Facebook. Because it is critical to keep the attention of a customer.

Therefore, brands with short and specific content enjoy engagement with customers on Facebook.

Certainly, a few extra words on your Facebook posts can create massive difference in anybody reading your post. They may or may not grasp core message of your post. That’s why; taking an extra care can help your audience in understanding your overall message.

Jeff Bullas, the top social media marketing talent, revealed some of the most favorable post lengths for businesses on Facebook.

These are some of the most important stats:

  • Facebook posts with 80-Characters receive 66% engagement.
  • 40-character Facebook posts are incredibly engaging with 86% over other posts.
  • Questions between 100-119 characters for Facebook posts are highly engaging.
  • Link Titles with over 100 characters are most effective on Facebook Business Pages.
Facebook Marketing

Target is great at driving engagement using an ideal amount of characters in its Facebook posts. It’s really good to boost engagement on posts with visuals, but ensure your Facebook posts are comprehensible with shorter text content.

Facebook Marketing

2 – Facebook Video Ads: A New to Connect with Customers in Real-Time

Facebook Marketing

Source: Facebook Business

Facebook video ads are analogous to street performers. They occupy a crowded place like street performers do and catch the attention of as many as possible. But, if they don’t entertain you or deliver what you expected, you will just keep moving ahead.

It’s a common behavior that everybody wants to be the main act of the story not the sideshow.

Therefore, if you want to get maximum views and engagement on your Facebook video ads, make sure that they are engaging, problem-solving and timely.


Facebook videos has grown significantly in popularity.

And, thanks to recipe videos from Tasty and topical explainer videos from Now This World, people turn to Facebook for truly engaging content.

Over the year, video shares on Facebook has grown rapidly by 100%. Whereas in the past, images were trendy to drive engagement- which is still a valid option. However, your time to use ‘Facebook video ads’ as a flourishing content stream is now.

Here are three best tips to optimize your video ads on Facebook in 2019 and beyond:

a – Promote your brand right away in your video ads.

Since, short Facebook video ads are new normal, when does your brand come in video ads?

Within three seconds, four seconds or ten seconds.

If you really want to make out of your videos, you should mention your brand within 3 seconds and you’ll see the real difference.

In a broadly analyzed video marketing data, Facebook found that viewers were more likely to remember video ads where brand was featured in the starting three seconds and barely 10% knew exactly which brand was featured after four seconds of video ads.

Facebook Marketing

b – Always optimize your ad title and descriptions

If you want really your targeted audience to watch your Facebook video ads, you definitely need highly engaging title along with description to tell people what you must watch.

That’s why; you should include relevant keywords into your video ads because ad title and description help targeting algorithms of Facebook to feed information about the topic of your video.

Therefore, consider some of the top phrases that could make people interested in your video ads while planning for next video title and copy.

c – Place CTAs in the middle of a video

If you want quick conversions with your Facebook video ad, placing CTAs in the middle of a video is really helpful.

Are you wondering why should CTAs be in the middle?

Because putting CTA (Call to Action) at the start of a video will waste a chance to grab the attention of your audience.

Present your brand and create interest in the first three seconds of your video. Pitching your call to action is also not a smart move to convert leads into customers.

3 – Build Empathy and Engagement with Customers

Ignoring your potential and current customers on Facebook can be detrimental. Try highlighting your best customers and reply to any questions that arise.

You should engage with your customers.

Because, it can be detrimental for you to ignore your potential and existing customers on Facebook.

Therefore, you must highlight your best customers and respond to their questions immediately.

If you ignore your customers on social media, they will go to a competitor.

Because, people come to social media for purpose-based and quick communication.

So, if you’re a brand or  WordPress development service, it is your responsibility to engage with your customers.

You should always remember: Losing  communication opportunities with your customers  can cause a big decline in your social media traffic and consequently harm your lead generation and ROI.

4 – Always Understand Your Facebook Analytics

Understanding Facebook analytics is an essential part of Facebook marketing practices. Below are some of the most important metrics you need to follow:

Impression – Number of times when any content was seen in a News Feed from your page.

Post Engagement – Total number of comments, shares or reactions to any of your Facebook posts.

Organic Likes – Total number of likes by new users to your page(s) via organic search.

Net Likes – Total number of organic or paid like subtract the total number of Unlikes.

Unlike – Total number of users the clicked unlike on your Facebook page.

Link Clicks –
Total number of clicks on linked attached with your content i.e. Photos, Videos etc.

Total Fans – Total number of Facebook users who clicked like on your page.

5 – Develop an Impeccable Facebook Ads Strategy

Facebook Marketing

Source: Will Francis

Whether you’re just started a new brand on Facebook or have been doing it for a while, you will definitely need to spend time and money for brand exposure.

Because, no business and brand can grow audience and loyalty overnight.

It is earned with persistence and top-notch planning.

But, it’s easier to for you or any brand to reach customers worldwide using Facebook advertising – It is simple but not easy. Still, you need to effectively build your brand and display it greatly with ads.

Long story short, your Facebook ad campaigns should contain two things:
a- Affordability
b- Relevancy

For starters, you should stay within your allocated spend with Facebook to avoid useless clicks and over-exposure. You should bear in mind that Ad spend shoots up when you’re not targeting effectively and appropriately.

Always come up with relevant Facebook ads. At first, aim at limited audience to see what works best and what NOT. Well, it is not bad at all to target a broad audience. However, keep relevancy as your priority towards successful Facebook ads.

Complete familiarity with customers is the most important pillar for successful Facebook marketing. You should try to build custom audiences, and find out targeted audiences which fits best for your Facebook content.

Most importantly, if you are retargeting, ensure that your content is new and easily recognizable.

Following are the best aspects of Facebook ad content:

Reward:  What is the takeaway for viewers? Is it an offer code, promotion, a deal, an industry guide or a whitepaper?

Tone: Is your tone in a content harmonious across Facebook page?

Identity: Is your content related to your brand and display product/service clearly? Is your logo professionally expressive?

All-in-all, keep your Facebook Ad Content Fresh, no matter what happens. And, you will never lose your visitors.

Facebook ad content is that new boring TV commercial that you’ve seen repeated endlessly while you were watching your favorite show on TV.

But, it’s your responsibility to keep your content fresh with viewers. Update it and if possible, repurpose your ad content every week.

The whole plan of yours as a brand is to divert traffic to your website or a purchasing page. So, don’t let old, boorish content spoil your Facebook remarketing and retargeting efforts.

Make a spreadsheet and document your key metrics. Each metric will give you unique insight into what specifically you should/must achieve with your ad:

  • Click-through Rate: CTR helps track loopholes and enable you to see where improvement is quickly possible.
  • Cost-to-Acquire: If you want to limit your ad spend and budget more effectively, better use track cost to acquire and make weekly or monthly goals.
  • Impressions: Are you having difficulty with visibility? It’s good to revisit your content, image or any specific post, and check out what can drive more impressions easily.

To end with, here is what you should focus on

  1. Create short and specific posts
  2. Make engaging Facebook ads
  3. Engage and empathize with your targeted audience
  4. Analyze and measure your results using Facebook Analytics
  5. Develop an impeccable Facebook ads strategy

To find out what’s working and what is no, you need to keep your eyes open on the performance and outcomes of best Facebook marketing practices. Don’t feel hesitant to make necessary changes in your strategy as and when needed.

I believe that all practices discussed in this article will help you come up with an effective Facebook marketing plan for your brand. Well, if you’ve some questions, drop a line in the comment section below.

Image Credit: Tim Bennett at Unsplash

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