Backend vs Frontend – what is more important in software development?

Backend vs Frontend

There is a strong debate among the naïve programmer regarding the superiority of the back end and front end development segment. But the skilled developers always give importance to both of this segment. You might have the best front end developers in the world but it will hard to sell the product by using the weak logic in the software. 

Similarly, you might have access to skilled back end developers but with a complicated UI, you are not going to give decent experience to the customers. Both of this segment is a part of the software development project. Let’s find out the key features of these two sections and get into the details.

Front end developer responsibility

The front end developers work hard to give a fine look to the applications. Let’s say you have developed complicated web applications for your website. Unless the developers give it a cool look, it will be tough to seek the attraction of users. Securing decent user experience is one of the key traits of the professional front end developers. The front end developers are responsible to design the look of the software. So, if you are a concern with the look of your software, you must focus on hiring the high-end front end developers.

Back end developers

Though frontend development is responsible for giving the software a perfect look, you can’t deny the importance of back end development. The back developers determine how the programs will work. If your back end programming becomes weak, it will be hard to use the heavy product. Most importantly, the programs will be full bugs and the clients will not be satisfied. For this very reason, developers often think back end development is the most important aspect of software development. But things are getting changed over the period and it becomes really hard to fine-tune a product without finding the perfect balance between front and back end development.


When it comes to complexities, learning front end programming is a little bit easy compared to back end development. The front end developers work with HTML, CSS, and JAVA script. On the contrary, the back end developers work with PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js, and Java. But declaring a specific language as difficult to learn is a very big mistake. It greatly depends on the developer’s knowledge. However, the majority of the developers find the front end development easy. But remember the fact, front end development requires artistic vision. Unless you know the perfect way to design the outlook of the software, you can’t do anything with the front end development sections. For this reason, it’s very hard to say, front end development is easier than back end development.

Where to start?

Those who are looking to become a fulltime developer might have trouble in the selection process of front and back end. Those who are new to the programming section should go with front end development. Learning the details of front end development is easy and the developers can easily master these skills. On the contrary, when it comes to back end development, you must have prior knowledge of the development sections. 

Unless you can work with the basic programming language you should not start writing complex logic for the sophisticated programs. When it comes to the selection of the developers to create your project, you must higher-skilled coders as the key know the perfect way to pave your requirements into a bunch of codes. If you are not sure about this section, seek guidance from experienced professionals.

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  1. I guess both is important. I believe it it necessary to have a catchy and amazing front but quality and effective back is equally important.

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