Best Places to Buy Vintage Rings and Jewellery

Vintage Rings and Jewellery

Vintage jewellery is so feminine, even though some pieces are pretty bulky. Necklaces, bracelets, brooches and even pendants from are gorgeous and glamorous, and on the other hand, they give each look a dose of drama. Some pieces have special stories and a unique charm. All these features make vintage jewellery such a desirable piece in today’s trendsetters.

Below, you might check some suggestions on pairing these items with your outfits:

And if you are thrilled with these pieces and want to complete your everyday combinations with them, it’s finally time to check your grandmother’s jewellery box and see what it hides. If you don’t have this accessory treasure cup with you, you can ‘go hunting’ for these. You may not have known, but they are pretty easy to find if you know where to look.

Antique Shops

Local antique shops should probably be your first stop on the quest for some unique vintage pieces. And if you’re lucky enough to run onto a store specialized in jewellery, you’ve just found an excellent place for a treasure hunt. If there are any nearby pawnshops, you can check these too, as people sometimes sell these items for a bargain when they need money.

Antique stores will offer different products than those found in online auctions, but you will at least be able to see them first hand. In addition, these stores are run by knowledgeable and reputable traders, so you can be sure that the pieces you buy there are unique and original, of course, if that matters to you.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in these places, you can ask if any antique show is coming up soon. These are mass gatherings of antique dealers across the country and a unique opportunity to find fine jewellery pieces. If you have friends in love with vintage jewellery and antique stuff, it’s a call for a great road trip!

Yard Sales

Vintage Rings and Jewellery

Yard sales serve people to get rid of something that they no longer want or need. Many sellers will set the price lower than some item is actually worth. Whether due to not knowing the value or rushing to sell it as soon as possible, everyone has their reasons. But you will often find some very nice items in these types of sales.

So you should take the chance to get some great pieces of jewellery at a very affordable price. See if there’s any yard sale announced in your neighbourhood. Take a friend with you and dig in into all those loads of stuff. You never know what kind of treasure you may come across.

Flea markets are something like large yard sales, with many people selling all kinds of stuff. Expect these to be crowded and noisy, but you have more chances to find some great pieces there. Many times, you can run onto experienced sellers with great knowledge of the jewellery they sell.

Internet Stores and e-Commerce Platforms

If the selection available through brick-and-mortar stores close to you is poor, or you have a hard time finding a nearby antique or pawn shop, then you will want to consider the Internet. The benefit of this type of purchase is that you can get deals on jewellery pieces, saving money on the purchase.

There are many websites dealing with vintage jewellery sales but in different ways. For example, you have web pages specialized only in selling these goods. They are linked with specialized blogs and niche websites, so you can easily find them if you type the right keywords.

You can even find these online stores sub-specialized for things like antique engagement rings or costume jewellery. In some cases, some of these online stores have to order their items from other countries. That makes the cost of the items higher, but because they are so unique, they are worth the extra cost.

Also, most reputable jewellery stores have their websites. Some of them might offer some vintage pieces. Also, you have auction websites, where usually collector’s items are sold. These sites are ideal for people who do not have access to local antique shops or dealers.


One of the best places to buy vintage costume jewellery is through auctions. Nowadays, they usually take place online, but sometimes, they can be held in local communities and courthouses. These auctions are typically held in larger cities, and they are usually announced days before.

You won’t find many items on auctions, but you will still have some choice. Also, these sales are not places where you can buy cheap jewellery. But if the budget is not a problem for you, you might run onto some precious pieces that can be great fashion accessories and collectable items.

You will find that most auctions take place during the holiday season. That’s especially true of those that take place on auction websites like eBay, as they are forced to advertise more intensely to sell the items in time for the upcoming holidays.

Second-Hand Shopping

By using the Internet, you can sell or buy items from any part of the world. There you can find various things, and even quite valuable and well-preserved pieces of vintage jewellery. However, there are several risks associated with online shopping, especially regarding more expensive things like antique jewellery.

Take particular care if you buy used items from large platforms. These sites usually have a good reputation as they force sellers to describe the items in great detail and post realistic images. But some of them might not be honest. So very often, the offered pieces are not in the condition stated in the description. Some tips on safe online shopping are listed on this link.

Vintage jewellery can be an excellent addition to any style if you know how to wear it. If you don’t have any inherited jewellery from your mother or grandmother, turn to other sources to find these items. When you check different places to buy vintage jewellery, you can run onto some pretty good deals. You can find great pieces at great prices and get yourself some great fashion details.

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