Best Decor Ideas for Bathroom with Tubs

Bathroom Decor

When it comes to refurbishing your home, your bathroom is the number one thing you may want to consider. For most homeowners, this is one of the most important spaces in the household. Apart from that, the bathroom along with the kitchen is considered to be the top-selling points of a house.

So, maintaining this space does not only provide comfortability but also adds value to your house.

For most of us, renovating the bathroom may simply involve adding some decor that matches the bathtub. Nowadays, most people are going for standalone tubs with a shower. They love the convenience that comes with these modern freestanding tubs.

Having such bathtubs, you can position them anywhere you like in your bathroom. Thus, it becomes easier to fit in other decor items to create an elegant look. The standalone tubs also come in different materials, so you’re free to choose the one you find most comfortable and attractive.

After acquiring a freestanding bathtub, you may want to revamp your bath spaces for a more refreshing look and feel. It helps to know that you can do things to make your bathroom feel new and look more stylish. And, you don’t even need a full-blown renovation to decorate your bathroom.

If your bathroom is tiny, you can obtain a small freestanding tub. Afterward, you’re at liberty to implement some amazing decor ideas for bathrooms with tubs. Moreover, you can always adjust the tub’s positioning. Often, many will change their tub’s position when they want to add other freestanding tub accessories.

So, if you ever thought that the only solution to an elegant bathroom is a complete and costly revamp, this isn’t the case. There are simple yet brilliant ideas to make your bathroom with tubs look even more attractive.

Our article below looks at the best decor ideas for bathrooms with tubs. Let’s delve in.

1. Apply an Elegant Mural Theme to Your Bathroom With Tubs

Bathroom Decor

Do you want to heighten the feeling of calmness and elegance in your bathroom? If yes, try using murals. Mural themes are an easy and beautiful way to switch up the aura of your bath spaces.

If you fear that the murals can get damaged by water or steam, you can decide to have them laminated. With lamination, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can comfortably paste the mural theme on the wall next to your stand alone tubs with shower.

Now, let’s look at some amazing mural themes that you can install in your bathroom with tubs.

Waterfall Murals Beside Your Freestanding Tub

Many people choose the waterfall murals because the image depicts calmness and serenity. This is especially when the image is very clear. They offer a great place to carry off your imaginations.

Think about when you’re soaking in your standalone tub and shower. And you can almost see yourself in a tub beneath a gentle waterfall. The mural also offers a great color theme that can easily match your bathroom decor.

Mountain Murals on the Walls Surrounding Your Freestanding Tub

A mountain mural gives you a sense of elevation. It allows you to relax in your bathtub as you gaze at the endless hillocks of rock and snow. The snow-white and mountain rock-gray are also awesome colors for the bathroom.

Forest Murals Nearby Your Freestanding Bathtub

A calm and misty forest representation is sure to induce calmness and beauty in your bathroom. You get to enjoy the moment in your bathtub as you admire the nature-like feeling around.

For an extra touch of glamor, add burning incense that smells nature-like. Indeed, nature is a perfect place to seek beauty and tranquility, even if it’s via an image representation.

2. Add Flickering Lights Beside Your BathTub

If you love having a warm bath in the candlelight but don’t want real candles, you can get the same effect using flickering lights. They add splendor to your bathroom.

The flickering lights also help you tune into the perfect mood of relaxation. These lights also aid in reducing the risk of accidental fires that may come with real candles.

For example, you can use solar-powered flickering lights. And, you still get to enjoy the magnificent aura of candles.

3. Use Lighting to Illuminate Your Bathroom With Tubs

Your bathroom is a place in your home where you can enjoy some quiet, private time. That’s why the overall atmosphere in your bath space should be warm and inviting.

One way to achieve this is through natural sunbeam or artificial lighting. Adequate light reflection in your bathroom also adds to the beauty around.

Perhaps your bathroom is positioned in a dark corner. And, you’re not sure what you can do to attract enough sun rays. We’ve come up with some excellent tips below. You can use these tips to brighten up the look in your dark bathroom.

Include Neutral-Colored Tiles

If you want to attract natural lighting in your bathroom, you can change the walls and floor tiles. You do this by opting for neutral colored-base tiles.

The ideal colors here are white, ivory, and beige. To bring a vibrant vibe, consider the bright-colored highlighter tiles.

Use white paint for the ceiling. It usually reflects a lot of light and makes your bathroom look bright and attractive. You then complete the look with neutral-colored wall paint.

Add Some Layered Lighting

Is your bathroom dark, and you’re not ready to renovate the floor and tiles? Note that you still need extra lighting to transform the look in your bath space.

Consider a layered lighting scheme. This is a combination of ambient and accent lighting. The ambient lighting should incorporate at least two ceiling-mounted lights or pendant lights on the ceiling.

For the accent lighting, include a mirror light just above the mirror top. You can also flank both sides of the mirror using bracket lights at eye level. This will help to prevent shadow formation.

Try also to use the accent lights to highlight any other design feature within your bathroom.

Incorporate LED strip lights to create a floating effect in places like:

  • Beside your freestanding bathtub
  • Within the cabinets
  • Below a floating vanity
  • Behind the mirror for a floating effect

Incorporate Reflective Surfaces

Reflective and sparkling metallic surfaces are a remarkable way to bounce light around your bathroom. It helps to give the bath space a beautiful and brighter look. For instance, you can have a freestanding tub made of material that reflects light. Such examples may include acrylic or fiberglass tubs.

To attain reflective surfaces, also consider the following:

  • Chrome or brass finish sanitary fixtures
  • Light fixtures and mirror frames
  • Gloss finish wall tiles

The above reflections allow light to bounce around. They add extra brightness to your bathroom. This also causes an illusion of expanded bathroom space. However, you should avoid using gloss finish tiles for the flooring. Such floor tiles make your bathroom slippery.

4. Install a New and Modern Tub with Glass Shower Enclosure

Are you thinking of installing a new standalone tub and shower? Why not try glass shower enclosures. They add brightness to the shower area because the glass enables light to penetrate through.

Additionally, a framed or frameless glass shower enclosure makes your bathroom feel spacious. The shower enclosure can be in clear, frosted, or textured glass. It also forms part of the bathroom decor that adds to the beauty around it.

In fact, many of these tub designs come in trendy finishes to give your bathroom a modern look.  To add the feel to your bathroom, you can also consider installing a decorative surround.


Every effort towards transforming the beauty in your bathroom is always worth it. Whenever you use the right decor for your bath spaces, they can also make the space easier to clean and manage.

With a careful choice of countertops, flooring, wall finishes, and colors, you can transform the aura in your bathroom with tubs. You’ll always anticipate getting home and unwinding in your freestanding soaking tub. And, anyone who comes around will undoubtedly admire the beauty all around.

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