Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards

The touchscreen whiteboard is a technological innovation of classroom boards and office whiteboards. Their existence isn’t something new but recently, their benefits for meetings and presentations has become essential for modern business. Here are some ways in which interactive touchscreen whiteboard can improve your business workflow:

Better engagement in collaboration productions

Rather than doing a half-an-hour one-way presentation and sharing it across a PowerPoint, an interactive whiteboard permits you to engage colleagues with the details being discussed. You can easily share, access, edit and save the file on the whiteboard. It emphasizes on things in real-time as and when the feedback is received from the co-workers.

Better communication

It doesn’t just allow you to share files with those at the meeting, but also permits you to share the screen with distant team members. So, all the teammates will have the same information. At the end of the meeting, the details can be printed and shared with everyone.

Efficiently annotate files

Dissimilar to document sharing, touchscreen whiteboard users can make changes to the documents during the meeting. Some of the tools which come with whiteboard are 3D modeling, hyperlinking, video links etc. to enhance communication and make documents better.

Better data sharing range and mobile connection compatibility

Using the right hardware, you can connect the whiteboards to iOS and Android devices with one app. It promotes better data sharing and connectivity.

Get information on your fingertips with the touch technology

You can work with your fingertips on the touchscreen whiteboard. You don’t need any pointers, mouse or ink stains.

Do you still use screen sharing on computers to collaborate?

Screen sharing via your desktop is a good way to bring your team on the same page. Sometimes you need to show your team rather than tell what is going on and that is when screen sharing comes into action. You can also share documents with your team members so everyone is looking at the same thing at the same time.

But, is whiteboard a better option to collaborate in comparison to screen sharing?

Whiteboard allows companies to transform the collaborative procedure to a better and closer version of working together. It works well when you work with a distant client or with someone new. The formality of the meeting can make it tough to get innovative ideas efficiently. But, you do see your brain working spontaneously in the setting of a whiteboard which permits people to spread their ideas together in a physical area.

In today’s time, some of the most advanced companies use big areas of their office in setting whiteboards, to support collaborative spirit. So, with the same spirit, businesses can use united communication and collaboration equipment and benefit their customers.

If you are looking forward to transforming your team meetings and collaborating efficiently, then Dell Touchscreen Whiteboard is one of the best solutions for you. It allows everyone to participate real-time as though they are present in the meeting room. Use it as a room whiteboard, screen share or for collaborative purposes, it will give you the best results.

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