Top Five Handy Tech Products for Schools

School Administration

No matter the age group in your school, modern technology brings many benefits. Whether you are looking to engage students better, communicate ideas more clearly or simply want to save some money on energy bills – read on for our top five tech products every school should know about.

Charging lockers

Charging lockers give you a range of benefits – you can manage and organise your laptops or tablets, keep them secure and charge them ready for use. A modern take on the classic locker unit, laptop charging lockers are lockable cabinets or drawers with internal power points for safe charging of the devices.


E-books for your students can be real game-changers. No need for the school or the students to buy, store or carry large numbers of heavy textbooks. No need for the school library to stock huge ranges of books. No need for literature teachers to find room for 30+ copies of Hamlet. All the books and resources you and your students need can be carried and stored on a simple e-book device.

Smart tech

Smart technology is available for almost every aspect of day-to-day life. If you want to manage lighting, heating, cooling, visual or audio equipment, smart technology can give you a centralised and user-friendly interface. Great for conducting lectures or assemblies (press one button to lower the light, turn on the projector/screen, turn on the microphone, etc), this kind of technology can also be effective school-wide – engaging heating early enough for the school to be pleasant by the time students and staff start arriving, ensuring lights are turned off at a certain time and making sure that security systems are enabled, for example.

Presentation equipment

Back in the old days, presentation equipment consisted of blackboards and chalk. Nowadays, there are LCD screens, projectors, smartboards and whiteboards to choose from – depending on your budget and your specific requirements. These advances can benefit teachers and students alike – teachers can communicate their lessons more clearly (no more scrawling in chalk) and students can get a better understanding of the content (images, colours and even video clips/animations all drive engagement).

LED lighting

LED lighting is a must-have for any school site. Replace those flickering, expensive fluorescents with an environmentally friendly, low-cost and bright alternative. Modern LED lighting manufacturers no longer only make single lamps, but are now increasingly providing longer banks and tube LEDs, giving the same benefits to a larger space.

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