Avoid getting your articles copied

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Are you aware of copying your articles somewhere? Here is a guide for taking advantage of such situation and get benefits with that.

So, the good way is to avoid getting scrapped somehow and create a system that use third party services and following tips to get most out of scrapped content from your articles.

Here are some tips to avoid getting articles copied by scrapers :

Flash Warnings :

A DMCA Protected badge might tell that the content may not be copied or recreate without your consent. As you are fed up with your content copied then DMCA TakeDown services are the last thing you can resort to.

Automatically add backlinks :

Whenever any line is copied from your page and pasted in another place, it includes a custom acknowledgement and a link back to it i.e. There are so many app available for this job like WordPress INK, TYNT script etc.

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Feed scheduling :

You can schedule the newsletter and Feeds to update few days or hours after post getting published as the content can be scraped instantly after getting published on your site.

Disabling the right click :

Disable the right click on your site. This makes copy pasting almost impossible i.e. prevents your articles copied. There are so many plugins in WordPress and JavaScript to disable right click functionality.

Use RSS excerpts :

Scrapers may get notified when any content is posted as RSS subscribers do the best thing for them. So, use only article summary so that only few content reach to them.

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