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People are looking forward to the summer, the sun, and the lovely weather. Although not high temperatures don’t suit everyone, you can admit that most of us generally feel much better during the summer. If you can’t stand the heat, this can be easily solved by using cooling devices. At this link, find out what rules you need to follow to make your stay in air-conditioned rooms comfortable.

Depending on how you maintain your air conditioning unit, it will be more or less prone to breakdowns. In any case, it’s not pleasant at all when the AC device stops working in the middle of summer. Finding an available AC technician during this period is almost impossible. You will probably wait for days or weeks. Luckily, you can fix some minor bugs yourself.

Test the Unit

When you suspect the AC malfunction, you should test it out before attempting to fix it. Make sure that the area where the unit is located is clear. Don’t open the doors or windows while you run diagnosing. And never do troubleshooting without safety gloves.

Superficial AC unit testing is easy, and anyone can do it. Don’t fix anything without taking care of the problems behind it, as you may end up ruining the air conditioner. You can check all the switches, filters, power supply, coils, and thermostats yourself.

Suppose the problem is not in any of these. In that case, it is probably necessary to disassemble the unit in order to make an accurate diagnosis. Leave that to technicians. If, on the other hand, it turns out that you have a minor problem caused by a dirty filter or condenser coils, you can solve them without professional help.

Power Off

Once you are sure that the area is safe to work in, remove the cover from the AC device if you have to change the filter or clean the unit. You may wish to turn off the power at this point, as you may inadvertently shock yourself if you decide to leave it on while fixing the unit.

Check the circuit breaker box, and look for any tripped breaker. Try to turn it on and see what happens. If the breaker trips again, you shouldn’t do anything else as you risk system shortage and possible injury due to mishandling. Instead, call an electrician or licensed AC technician.

Filter Change

AC Filter Change

When it comes to air conditioning issues, they are often caused by some minor malfunctions. If not spotted and solved in time, they usually grow into a complex problem that threatens the operation of the entire system. That is why it is essential to check for ‘little things’ before seeking professional help.

For example, the unit could become further damaged if you turn on a fan without changing the filter. Dirt that accumulates on this replaceable part is the cause of many problems. You may suspect dirty filters if the unit doesn’t cool properly or airflow through the room is disrupted.

The problem with filters is best solved and prevented by regular replacement. Experts like Cannell Air can explain if you should replace it every month, every couple of months, or twice a year, depending on the filter quality. That ensures optimal functioning of the cooling system but also keeps the air in your home free of dust and allergens.

Check Condenser Coils

Another thing causing little to no cool air from the AC is condenser coils. They can clog and get dirty, too. But unlike filter replacement, these are a slightly more complex fault. That is why it is necessary to shut off the power and turn off the switch on the AC device.

You can suspect dirty or clogged coils if the air conditioner turns on, works for a while (interrupted cooling), and then just turn off just like that. The reason is overheating of the engine because of

Start with removing the disconnect block on the unit. If it’s broken, replace it. Use a damp cloth to clean the condenser coils on the outer unit. Many things can get stuck there, like dust, dirt, grass, etc. All these can prevent coils from working properly.

After cleaning and putting the disconnect block back, restore power to the unit. Turn the AC on and let it work for at least half an hour. Check the air temperature. If there’s no interrupting cooling with periods of no cooling for at least 12 hours, you solve the problem.

Check for Icing

AC Ice Check

AC freezing is a common problem, even if you live in warmer areas like Texas. There are many reasons why ice can appear, so you have to find the cause. Depending on the complexity of the fault, you may need professional help.

If there’s a problem with the evaporator coil, simply turn on the ‘fan only’ option or turn on the entire system for a whole day. That will melt the ice. During this time, you can check the evaporator coils and collecting pan. If they are dirty, clean them with a soft brush and a damp cloth.

Also, check the condition of the filter. Very often, clogged filters prevent cool airflow, which creates ice deposits on the exterior unit. Common causes of icing can be leaky ductwork and a dirty fan. Inspect the ducts to see if there’s a need for sealing or replacing.

If none of this helps, the problem may be with a refrigerant deficiency. This is not something you can solve on your own because the solution is not only in replenishing freon. The refrigerant should not leak from the system. The AC technician must discover the cause of this problem to prevent further complications.

If you follow these simple tips on DIY air conditioning repairing, you can easily avoid a large bill from the energy company. Plus, you’ll save even more by fixing the bugs all by yourself. Still, if you are unsure of setting the cooling unit, you may contact an AC technician and have a piece of mind.

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