Understanding Small Business Structure and Insurance Needs

When an entrepreneur decides to start their own company, one of the first – and most significant—decisions they have to make is choosing a business structure. Before getting your company off the ground, you may have to register your business to make it an official and distinct business entity, but the registration requirements vary based […]

How Netflix has aced the disruptive business models?

Netflix operates on the subscription based business framework. It follows a model where the TV, movie and series freaks are offered with on-demand streaming services against definite subscription plans. Over the years, Netflix has managed to become a streaming giant and it’s majorly responsible for the escalating addiction to series all around the world. Netflix […]

Advantages of .NET for Business Application Development

A reliable and high-quality business web or mobile application is the key element for successful competition in the market. That’s why many businesses devote so much attention to the development tools when building their own digital solutions. .NET is one of the frameworks that is best suited for the development of flexible business applications in […]